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The View from the Dundee Law, Scotland

(In Scotland, the word LAW means HILL and it is wrong to refer to this landmark as the Law Hill, which would mean Hill Hill.)

At a height of over 500 feet above sea level, Dundee Law provides a popular, easily accessed vantage point placed high above the centre of Dundee, Scotland's fourth largest city.  This long-since extinct volcano is featured on the local Dundee City Council logo (below) and its great height dominates the surrounding area, and can be seen from very many miles away. There is a viewpoint where visitors can scan the view and be informed of the many worthwhile scenes to be had, from the Grampian Mountains to the North and as far as the Southern Uplands of Lothian, south of Edinburgh.  Across the Firth of Tay can be seen the 'Kingdom' of Fife, travelling north across the Tay Road Bridge from where, the Law can be seen in full majesty. The famous Tay Rail Bridge can also be seen curving its way across the River Tay taking trains to Edinburgh and London.  Numerous other landmarks can be seen.


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Visitors who know the top of the Law will realise that the panoramic view above has been deliberately arranged to leave out the War Memorial and the radio repeater station which are both situated there - the memorial is illustrated below - the small radio station is an eyesore and does not deserve a photograph!


LOOK HERE for a much better, static view of the River Tay and part of Dundee, from the same viewpoint, courtesy of Jimmie R. in Oz.  It's a 'big picture' but at 100% you can get good detail.  Astute viewers will realise that the photograph was taken quite a few years ago.
Careful cyclists and car drivers can reach the top of the Dundee Law by the narrow roadway.  Gain access from Hill Street or Kinghorne Road, via Law Road.  There are toilet facilities at the foot of the narrow road.

There is a considerable amount of information available on the Internet about Dundee, the surrounding area, and Scotland in general - why not visitscotland.com

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