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Memorial Inscriptions and Photographs
of the older gravestones situated in the
Kirkyard of Monikie Parish Kirk, Angus
(formerly Forfarshire), Scotland.


(Updated information and linked photographs as available.)
(Last change to webpage on 09 December, 2014)

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As part of the year 2000 survey, indexing was carried out on a grid pattern - the first stone being in Row A (furthest west) and position 1 (furthest north), in the manner shown in the diagram. However, the stones in the kirkyard are not in their original positions and are not to be found in such a regimented grid pattern - read here what Rev. W. D. Chisholm has to say on the subject.

A01 B01 C01 D01
A02 B02 C02 D02
A03 B03 C03 D03
A04 B03 C04 D04

Please refer to the surname list below and click on the survey reference number/s alongside the chosen surname. This will link you to the inscription for that stone from a list of inscriptions reproduced further down this page. Please note that -
* Various spellings may be used on the stones.
* Not all persons named on the inscriptions are interred here.
* Some stones have no inscription, or one which is still legible, but do appear in the survey list below.
* Many of the names of persons, families and places mentioned on this page are mentioned elsewhere on this website. The best way to find them is by use of the Site Search Engine, but read the notes there first.

  An updated plan of the area around MONIKIE KIRK (some stone references shown) now also shows the lair numbers for the first kirkyard extension.   Please note that the numbers are those used by Angus Council who maintain the kirkyard.  

 August 2002.  The memorial inscriptions and photographs for the stones of the First Extension are now available HERE

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An large aerial photograph of the Kirk and most of the old kirkyard and first extension.
Taken before 1994 when concealed stones were 'discovered'.

(Alongside the grid numbering reference used in the list, some stones have a reference number attributed by the Scottish Genealogical Society during a partial survey in 1974. The results of that survey were published and is a well-used resource, however, the list on this page is more comprehensive and differs in much detail and content from that publication. SGS * indicates that no comparative entry seems to appear in the S.G.S. publication, possibly due to the restrictive manner of recording used.)

Many old inscriptions are so difficult to read in many instances that two persons might not agree on the original inscription. Although reasonable effort was made to accurately gather and reproduce the information here, it is the responsibility of the researcher to confirm the information. In order to assist researchers, in some cases the Old Parish Records and other sources have been inspected to help clarify or add some detail, or complete some missing information - the data includes mortcloth and marriage/banns records - such additional or alternative information is in red type.

(S.G.S. refer to seven unseen stones, mentioned by Jervise; of these, S.G.S. references 116 and 117 may both refer to the stone O06; that and another two flat stones, K04 and P05, were uncovered in 1994. The other 'unseen stones' are listed at the foot of the main inscription list below.)

Researchers will know that spellings can cause problems when looking for a name, or a place. As an alternative to using the following alphabetic SURNAME list you may wish to use your browser's FIND (not SEARCH) facility - CTRL+F in MS Internet Explorer - and look for only PART of a name. As a last resort you can read through the whole inscriptions list shown below.

Read HERE about the stones in the Kirkyard, and the recording of the inscriptions.

More name lists and information about deaths and burials at Monikie.

You may wish to reflect on these few poignant words - 'Dear Ancestor',  'Census Taker', 'Of life', and 'A Letter from Heaven'.


If you find any bad links in this webpage, or errors in any information shown - or can you add to these lists or references, from your personal viewing of the inscriptions in the kirkyard, or from your own family records - please advise the webmaster. It is the ideal that this webpage continues to develop in content, over time, with the aid of subscribers to build a complete list of all relevant information. If YOU can contribute in any way to making this page the authoritative source of information regarding the stones at Monikie Kirkyard your contribution would be very welcome, thank you.

Repeat for effect :^) - Whether you are successful, or not, in finding an entry in the inscription list you are strongly recommended to use the website search engine to check for other matches of interest to you elsewhere on this website. Because of the differences in spellings over the years you should try searching for several variations which you may know - e.g. search GUILDY and GUILDIE; DOUNIE for DOWNIE; AFFLECK was formerly known as AUCHINLECK, etc!

(The names of the dead of this parish from the two world wars, taken from tablets in the two local churches, are available here.)

Please contact the webmaster if you have queries about an entry

August 2002.  The memorial inscriptions and photographs for the stones of the First Extension are available HERE

Read more about the Monikie area in
by Rev. W. Douglas Chisholm, MA.


(Spelling may be different to what you expect.
 Use your Internet browser's 'EDIT | FIND (on this page)'
 facility to look for part of names.)

ALEXANDER W02 D08 G04 L04 P03 P04
ANDERSON J08 L01 L07 M03 M11 N05 O06 O09 Q03
BLACK Q02 S06 U02
BROWN A06 A07 A08 G10 P02 P09 R08 T11
DICK A05 A07 B03 115
DOVE T05 T13
FAIRLIE E05 G01 M02 P06 P07 T06 T07
FIFE F03 T13
GIBSON W03 D03 E07 E09 F05 F11 G03 K02 N02 O05 S11 U03
GRAY F03 O03
GREIG B07 K03 U02 U07
GUTHRIE I08 R07 R08 111
HAY E05 E06 Q04 T06
HENRY A09 A10 D11
HOG M07 M09
HOGG M04 O04
KER B03 F10 K05
KERR L07 P01
KID 112
LOW D10 J05
LOW D10 J05
MANN F06 G14
MAULE M06 111
MILL G01 G05 G06 G08 S05 T10
MILLER B02 E01 E02 T12
MUDIE G15 H05 L04 L06
NICOLL E09 G03 K01
PATON O05 S03 S04 S06
PETRIE J01 M04 M08 S03 112
RAMSAY A07 A11 D06 E08 J03 K06 S11 T06 U01
RENNIE F02 J02 T03
ROBERTSON B04 G02 N01 Q03 T07
ROSS G08 S07
SCOTT D12 G02 H10 N06 O04 S10
SIM 112
SMITH A10 D08 D10 F04 F06 F10 J04 J07 K06 M02 O01 R07 S01 S02
SPALDING C01 G13 J01 O01
STIVEN L03 R05 U05
STURROCK C03 F09 H05 I06 P01 R03 S06 T09 T10
WALKER G03 P03 P04 U04
WILSON K01 L08 Q02 T01
There are a few others listed below, not capable of indexing.
('Bad Links?' - please tell the webmaster.)

Click here for maps to find your way to the MONIKIE area and the Kirkyard.

August 2002.  The memorial inscriptions and photographs for the stones of the First Extension are available HERE


(some with added descriptions or comments)

PLAQUES on the outside of SOUTH-FACING WALL of the KIRK

W01 - SGS 68
Sacred to the memory of JAMES YEAMAN of Affleck late of His Majesty's 63rd Regiment died 28 August 1834 aged 47 years JEAN MOLLISON his wife died 7 October 1873 aged 81 years

W02 - SGS * (photograph)
Erected by numerous friends in memory of W M ALEXANDER M.A.who for the long period of 54 years held the Parochial Offices of Schoolmaster Session Clerk Inspector of Poor and Registrar who died at the Firs Monikie 23 January 1892 aged 75 years every duty he faithfully and ably discharged and many gratuitous services he constantly and willingly rendered


W03 - SGS (photograph)
Here lies JAMES GIBSON somtime in Broomwell who died the 17 November 1750 his age 73 here lies ELSPIT 23 September 1781 and her age 66 DG G G


A01 - SGS * (photograph)
Sacred to the memory of PETER ROBERTS farmer Hogston who died 3 April 1874 aged 70 years ISABELLA STIRLING his wife who died 26 April 1889 aged 83 years also their sons CHARLES who died 5 January 1855 aged 12 ALEXANDER 17 December 1878 aged 35 years

A02 - SGS *
small cross

A03 - SGS 1
1851 Sacred to the memory of DAVID FITCHIE sometime baker in Dundee afterwards flour miller at Monifieth who died 3 January 1849 aged 37 years this stone has been erected by his widow Mrs MARGARET BEATTIE to mark the resting place of the mortal remains of a kind and affectionate husband. The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away blessed be the name of the Lord <Job 1 chap 21 verse> I shall go to him but he shall not return to me <II Sam XII chap 23 verse> Mrs MARGARET BEATTIE the above mentioned died at Dundee on the 8 May 1862 aged 50 years and is also interred here

A04 - SGS 2
West face In memory of DAVID PATULLO late tenant at Kirkton of Monikie who died 19 April 1818 aged 49 years also his wife BARBARA JOHNSTON died 9 July 1844 aged 75
East face Sacred to the memory of GEORGE PATULLO late farmer Kirkton of Monikie died at Carnoustie 18 February 1882 aged 87 also his sisters HELEN who died 29 November 1868 aged 60 years MARGARET who died the 22 December 1878 aged 77 years ISABELLA who died 15 October 1889 aged 78 years
South face In memory of ALEXANDER PATTULLO late baker in Dundee who died in the year 1840 aged 36 years
North face In memory of JOHN PATTULLO late farmer of Craichie Mill, Parish of Dunnichen who died 17 November 1849 aged 45 years also his wife MARTHA FINDLAY who died on the 5 March 1870 aged 59 years

A05 - SGS *
East face 1878 Erected by DAVID SANDERSON in memory of JAMES SANDERSON saddler Newbiggin who died 18 October 1877 and his wife AGNES DICK who died 16 December 1877 he will follow up death in victory <Isiah 25 : 8> MARY FINDLAY LAIRD of Innervar Monikie widow of RICHARD DICK SANDERSON died 16 January 1961 in her 81 year
South face In memory of JAMES son of DAVID SANDERSON and his wife AGNES RIDDELL who died 25 July 1875 aged 16 months also their son RICHARD DICK beloved husband of MARY LAIRD who was accidentally killed at Kingennie on 22 September 1908 aged 30 years also the above AGNES RIDDELL who died 12 December 1908 aged 64 years also the said DAVID SANDERSON who died suddenly at Newbiggin on the 11 April 1910 in his 63 year in the midst of life we are in death In loving memory of KATHLEEN W S RILEY beloved daughter of Dr and Mrs RILEY who died 12 November 1915 aged 2 years and 10 months There's a rest for little children
North face In memory of JAMES SANDERSON Jnr chief engineer who died on the Red Sea 23 September 1876 aged 33 years also RICHARD SANDERSON of the Australian Navy who drowned at Melbourne 16 December 1877 aged 31 years MARY DYCE KENNY MBE MPS elder daughter of RICHARD and MARY SANDERSON who died in Malta on the 24 May 1981 she served with distinction in the Metropolitan Police and for 25 years as a probation officer in Kenya.

A06 - SGS 4
Here lies MARGARET WELLS spouse to JAMES IRELAND in Cowbyres died 5 July 1747 aged 59 years. Here lyes JAMES IRELAND late shoemaker in Husbandtown died 26 March 17-- ---4y; here lyes ANN BROWN late relict of the foresaid J.I., died 30 September 1787, aged 62, Husbandtown. West side I.I., M

A07 - SGS 3 (photograph)
East face 1745 Erected by HELEN BROUN in memory of her husband JAMES tenant in Sadlston who departed the 15 day of March 1745 aged 50 years this stone is renewed by GILBERT RAMSAY in Sadlestone and MARGARET DICK his spowse in memory of deceased mother HELEN BROWN who died the 26 November 1757 aged 59 years
West face angel, ox-yoke and plough - ID, HB, / GR. MD. BR. HR. IR. GR. This man both loving was and kind, the path of truth he trod

A08 - SGS * (photograph)
In loving memory of our dear mother MARGARET SMART who died at Old Downie Monikie 24 July 1903 aged 45 years also our dear father DAVID BROWN who died at Castleroy Cottages Broughty Ferry 13 June 1926 aged 72 years

A09 - SGS 5
Erected in memory of JAMES MATHEWSON who died at Craigton 17 March 1902 aged 66 years also of his son JAMES who died 27 August 1864 aged 2 years also of ELIZABETH HENRY wife of JAMES MATHEWSON who died at Dundee 5 March 1916 aged 80 years his son DAVID MATHEWSON died Dundee 13 January 1947 aged 79 years

A10 - SGS 6
1863. Erected by WILLIAM HENRY in memory of his spouse MARGARET SMITH who died Denfind 16 September 1862 aged 25 years

A11 - SGS *
In loving memory of ANN CRICHTON wife of MAULE RAMSAY who died 9 September 1897 aged 72 daughter AGNES died 3 July 1898 aged 33 the above MAULE RAMSAY died 20 April 1900 aged 80 years also WILLIAM CRICHTON father of ANN CRICHTON died 20 April 1864 aged 66 years

B01 - SGS *
In affectionate remembrance of HELEN DODDS wife of PETER McINTYRE who died at Denfind died 15 June 1882 aged 38.

B02 - SGS 10
Erected to the memory of the Rev. JAMES MILLER Minister of the Free Church of Monikie born 20 June 1777 ordained minister of Eassie & Nevay 3 March 1803 translated to Monikie 26 September 1827 joined 473 of his brethren in renouncing connection with the Established Church 18 May 1843 and died 25 May 1860 here also lie the mortal remains of BARBARA MARTIN his wife born 11 February 1783 died 21 March 1871 and also of their daughter JANET born 24 September 1820 died 3 August 1840 and WILHELMINA born 15 December 1829 died 14 December 1839 as also of their little grandchildren GEORGE aged 6 weeks GEORGINA aged 4 weeks and THOMASINA MILLER died aged 5 years son and daughters of the Rev ALEXANDER COMRIE and JEAN MARTIN MILLER his wife the memory of the just is blest

B03 - SGS 9
AK TD WD ED HD 1814 Erected by AGNES KER in Denhead in memory of her husband THOMAS DICK late tenant there died 5 February 1810 aged 55 years they procreated twixt them ELISABETH HELEN THOMAS and WILLIAM DICK who survived this date also of her son WILLIAM who died the 6 November 1830 aged 26 years and is interred here

B04 - SGS * (photograph)
Erected by the family in loving memory of our father JAMES WHAMOND who died at Crombie Monikie 7 May 1913 aged 59 and mother ANN ROBERTSON died at Airlie Bank Broughty Ferry 22 October 1924 aged 72 years

B05 - SGS * (photograph)
Erected by CHARLES and MARY ANN SHARP of Pitairlie in memory of their dear son FREDDIE died in DRI 28 September 1928 aged 11 years

B06 - SGS 8 (photograph)
Erected by DAVID MALCOLM to memory of his sons JAMES died 30 January 1828 aged 13 THOMAS died 9 February 1836 aged 22 GEORGE died 12 May 1851 aged 34. (West face cracking - no inscription left)

B07 - SGS 7
Erected in affectionate remembrance of JOHN HOWE who died 8 November 1867 aged 65 years and of JAMES HOWE who died 23 November 1848 aged 12 years Denfind also of HELEN KINNEAR wife of JOHN HOWE died 1 February 1888 aged 79 years and of ISABELLA HOWE who died 16 April 1887 aged 39 years and of GEORGE GREIG grandson of JOHN HOWE who died 15 April 1884 aged 15 years their daughter JANE wife of THOMAS GREIG who died 19 April 1907 aged 74 years THOMAS GREIG died 6 April 1911 aged 76 years

C01 - SGS *
Erected by ISABELLA THOMSON in memory of her husband ANDREW SPALDING who died at Bankhead Monikie 6 October 1893 aged 71 years also their son JAMES who died at Tealing 26 September 1867 aged 12 years and 9 months also ISABELLA THOMSON his wife who died at Bankhead 21 April 1908 aged 84 years

C02 - SGS *
In memory of JOHN MCKAY late farmer Broomwell died December 1877 aged 60 years

C03 - SGS *
Sacred to the memory of ANDREW IRELAND died 18 December 1879 aged 66 years also his wife BARBARA STURROCK died 17 June 1891 aged 82 years and their grandson ANDREW FORD died 25 May 1903 aged 31

D01 - SGS *
CAROLINE youngest daughter of GEORGE JOSEPH BELL AD 17 December 1859 BARBARA his second daughter AD 13 August 1863 (In circular cross, the words) "He giveth his beloved sleep."

D02 - SGS *
GEORGE IRONS died 5 June 1930 aged 70 a loving husband and father

D03 - SGS 11
1856 Erected by SUSAN GIBSON in memory of her husband JOHN DARGIE Teacher Bankhead Monikie who died on the 12 May 1856 aged 77 years he teached the school of the above place for the period of 52 years also of their daughters four who died in infancy and ANN who died on the 11 January 1841 aged 9 years the above SUSAN GIBSON died 11 January 1868 aged 77 years

D04 - SGS *
Erected by DAVID PHILLIP in memory of his father and mother SILVESTOR PHILIP died 10 April 1889 aged 64 years ANN SUTTIE died 3 August 1873 aged 48 years also his brother and sisters JAMES WILLIAM and MAGGIE who died in childhood

D05 - SGS *
Erected in loving memory of JAMES SUTTIE Downiemill died 28 August 1914 aged 71 JANE CATTANACH his wife died 22 February 1932 aged 91 and their children ELIZABETH STEWART died 9 November 1903 aged 22 MARY and ROBERT died in infancy

D06 - SGS *
In loving memory of ELIZABETH RAMSAY Downiemuir Monikie who died 16 November 1901 aged 60 years also her husband JAMES BRUCE who died 2 September 1919 aged 78 years erected by their family

D07 - SGS *
Erected to the memory of JAMES CHRISTIE who died at Newlandhead on the 23 March 1905 aged 74 years also his wife ELSPETH GRANT who died 26 July 1911 aged 77 years

D08 - SGS 12
East face Erected by DAVID ALEXANDER and JANET SMITH his spouse in Cotton of Pitairlie in memory of their child DAVID died 10 February 1806 aged 2 years 7 months.
West face 1806 Here with the aged lies a lovely boy his father's darling and his mothers joy yet death regardless of the parents tears snatched him away while in the bloom of years with mournful heart the rueful may they tread and leave their child within this silent bed

D09 - SGS * (photograph)
1864 Erected in memory of JOHN LANGLANDS who died at Ardestie 30 July 1861 aged 62 years also of WILLIAM son DAVID LANGLANDS and grandson of the above who died at Newbiggin 24 April 1862 aged 5 months

D10 - SGS *
Erected by JAMES LOW and ISABELLA SMITH his wife in memory of their daughters MIMA who died 13 July 1924 aged 23 years MAGGIE who died 8 March 1926 aged 32 years and of their sons WILLIAM who fell in action in France 9 April 1917 aged 25 years interred in Valley Cemetery Roclincourt JAMES who died in infancy and is interred at Carmylie and their daughter BELLA ARKLEY LOW who died 24 November 1965 aged 67 years

D11 - SGS *
In memoriam in loving memory of our mother ELIZABETH HENRY who died 9 July 1918 also our father GEORGE STRATHEARN died 11th November 1938

D12 - SGS *
1863 Erected by DAVID SCOTT Farmer Downiebank and his spouse in memory of their twin daughters JESSIE died 1 and MATILDA 2 March 1862 aged 4 months

E01 - SGS *
In memory of the Rev ALEXANDER COMRIE MA Free Church Carnoustie died 27 October 1880 aged 57 also his children JAMES MILLER died 19 October 1875 aged 19 MARY ANN buried at Blairgowrie died 19 September 1871 aged 10 also his wife JANE MARTIN MILLER 7 November 1909

E02 - SGS *
In memory of Rev MALCOLM McINTYRE born 16 January 1819 Free Church Minister in this Parish from July 1849 until his death 10 October 1903 also his beloved wife MARY ANN MILLER born 6 September 1829 died 31 July 1862 children MARGARET GRACE born 1853 died 1863 and MILLER MALCOLM born 1862 died 1874 Rev DAVID M McINTYRE DD born 1859 died 1938 they also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him

E03 - SGS *
1872 Erected by JAMES LOWSON in memory of his father GEORGE LOWSON teacher Bankhead who died 27 December 1871 aged 60 also his mother MARGARET KEY LOWSON who died 31 July 1899 aged 81 years

E04 - SGS *
PATERSON In memory of our dear father and mother

E05 - SGS 17
This stone was erected by ANDREW HAY and ISOBEL AIR his spouse in Craigton in memory of FLORA HAY their daughter who dyed on the 23 February 1759 aged 17 years and 10 months a deep and rapid stream divides death is the name it bears but o'er it Christ has laid a bridge to heaven by heavenly passengers here lies the forsaid ISOBEL AIR who died 17 February 1775 and of her age 76 years
East face 1845 Revised in memory of their father by the surviving family of the late ANDREW HAY merchant Craigton of Monikie who died on the 6 September 1844 aged 78 years also of their mother ANN FAIRLIE who died on the 7 January 1830 aged 58 years also their brother DAVID who died on the 12 December 1830 aged 35 years their brother WILLIAM went abroad and has not been heard of since 1824

E06 - SGS *
Erected by JAMES HAY and his cousin ANN MACAULY in loving remembrance of her mother JANE TAGGART who died 3 October 1883 aged 55 years also her sister MARY MACAULY died 11 August 1895 aged 43 and her daughter JANE H T MACAULY died 8 November 1901 aged 16 years ANN MACAULY died 11 January 1918

E07 - SGS 16
Erected by ANN GIBSON Waterhead in memory of her husband JAMES HENDERSON late weaver there who died 12 July 1813 aged 32 they procreated 'twixt them one child named DAVID who survived this date 1814
West face The Lord gave, the Lord hath taken

E08 - SGS 15 (photograph)
This stone is erected by ANDREW RAMSAY in Craigton and JANET GUILD his spouse in memory of their deceased daughter viz. AGNES RAMSAY who died 21 October 1778 aged 22
West side: emblem, 1778 AR. + IG. 1778. MR. IR. IR. IR. IR. BR. DR. AR. M

E09 - SGS *
1868 Erected by ISABELLA GIBSON in memory of her husband WILIAM NICOLL who died 10 November 1857 in 33 year of age the above ISABELLA GIBSON died 18 December 1898 aged 69 years also their daughter ELIZABETH NICOLL died 24 February 1934 aged 79 years

E10 - SGS 14
1769 This stone was erected by JANET BLAIR in memory of deceased husband JOHN RITCHIE late smith in Lonhead of Auchinlake who died 24 February 1760 aged 50 Blest with nine children.
This stone was revised by DAVID and JAMES RITCHIE in memory of their deceased parents viz WILLIAM RITCHIE late smith at Lonhead who died 8 March 1800 aged 62 years and ISABEL AYMER who died 18 September 1795 aged 56 years
West side 1767 This stone erected by ROBERT ---- Cotton of Downie in memory of his deceased spouse MARGARET GRAHAM who died 17 December 1760 aged 52
East side emblem angel

E11 - SGS 13
1761 This stone was erected by ROBERT MORIE in Cotton of Douniecain in memory of his deceased wife viz MARGARET GRAHAM who died 17 December 1760 aged 52 years
This stone was revised by ANN QUACHIE in Cotton of Hillhead in memory of her late husband viz ROBERT NORIE who died 16 November 1779 aged 68 years me mento mori

F01 - SGS *
Erected by the Rev. JOHN REID in loving memory of his children MARY BRUCE who died on the 19 December 1856 aged 7 months JAMES BURNETT on 13 February 1881 aged 18 years; MARY JANE on 3 October 1882 aged 23 years; Rev. JOHN REID Minister of Monikie for 40 years died 8 September 1900 aged 77 years, also WILLIAM ELLIOT his son who died 14 May 1910 aged 53 years ELIZABETH DAVIDSON (REID) wife of the Rev JOHN REID died on 1 May 1911 aged 86 years MARY REID died at Matlock 28 August 1917 aged 52 their ELIZABETH JOANNA REID 26 3 1867 - 4 3 1958 died at Edinburgh "Till he comes"
(Stained-glass east window in the Kirk to his memory - large file.)

From – 'Fasti Ecclesiae Scotinae' by Hew Scott – Vol. 5 Page 366:

JOHN REID, born Torryburn, 25 Aug. 1823, son of William R., Inspector of Poor, and Mary Bruce; educated at Torryburn School and Univ. of St. Andrews; licen. by Presb. of St. Andrews; assistant at St. Mary’s, Dundee; pres. by Queen Victoria 28th Jan; and ord. 5th May 1852; died at Wormit, 8th Sept 1900. He marr. 16th May 1855, Elizabeth Davidson (died 1st May 1911), daugh. of James Reid, min. of Kirkinner, and had issue – Mary Bruce, born 2nd May, died 19 Dec. 1856; William Elliott, commission agent, born 23rd Oct. 1857, died 14 May 1910; Mary Jane, born 22nd June 1859, died 3rd Oct. 1882; Margaret Louise, born 14 Jan. 1861 ( marr. Gordon Irving Donald, min. of Rathven); James Burnett, student, born 30th Jan. 1863, died 13th Feb. 1881; Harry, rancher, born 16th Sept. 1864, died 28th Aug. 1917; Elizabeth Joanna, born 26th March 1867.”

F02 - SGS 18
1821 Totally obliterated except for RENNIE

F03 - SGS 19
East face 1801 Erected by WILLIAM FIFE smith in Downieken and DAVID FIFE in memory of their mother BARBARA GRAY died 19 February 1800 aged 70 also MARGARET FIFE daughter to foresaid DAVID who died 20 February 1796 aged 15 weeks
West face Likewise of JAMES FIFE/FYFFE smith brother of to the foresaid WILLIAM and DAVID who died 20 August 1800 aged 31 years and all interred here

F04 - SGS *
Erected to the memory of DAVID FYFE Newbigging born 16 March 1797 died 28 October 1875 and his wife JANET ECKFORD his wife born 1 September 1807 died 2 March 1890
North side ROBERT FYFE Newbigging who fell asleep 4 May 1804 aged 58 years and of his wife MARGARET SMITH wife born 13 April 1851 died 23 December 1941 in loving memory of the children of the above MINA in 1888 aged 11 years JANET in 1888 aged 8 years DAVID 1889 aged 6 years NELLIE 1891 aged 6 years

F05 - SGS *
Erected in loving memory of JAMES GIBSON late tenant of Dod who died 29 April 1893 aged 68 years and his wife JANE GIBSON who died 2 July 1908 aged 78 years also their 3 children who died in infancy and their daughter JESSIE who died 7 January 1938 aged 69 years

F06 - SGS 20
Erected by ALEXANDER MANN in Craigton in memory of his spouse MARY SMITH died 1 May 1806 aged 63
West side 1807

F07 - SGS *
In loving memory of JOHN FORSYTH ADDISON who died at Gagie 22 April 1926 aged 72 years and his wife CATHERINE JOLLY who died at Newbigging 22 March 1900 aged 42 years also their granddaughter NETTIE HORNE who died 5 May 1912 aged 3 years

F08 - SGS *
Cross - no inscription.

F09 - SGS *
In loving memory of my dearly loved husband JAMES STURROCK who died at Otway (Hillhead Road) Monikie 12 April 1934 ANNIE BURNETT wife of the above died 29 March 1962

F10 - SGS *
West face 1808 Erected by JAMES KER tenant in Ferniefauld in memory of his father DAVID KERR late tenant there 23 2 1802 aged 58 years also of his brother ROBERT KER who died 29 December 1789 aged 11 months also interred here the foresaid who died 2 January 1812 aged 29 years
East face In memory of my father GEORGE SMITH who died at Fairneyfaulds died 3 September 1889 aged 66 years JANET WARDEN who died 31 December 1916 aged 89 years and JAMES their son who died 29 March 1935 aged 83 ANN GIBSON SMITH who died 27 January 1951 aged 93

F11 - SGS 22
1765 This stone was erected by EDWARD GIBSON tenant in Lies of Smithfield, and his spouse ANNIE LONDIE in memory of their deceased children ALEXANDER ELSPETH EDWARD and JOHN GIBSON all interred here Here lyes our son into the dust to us he loving was and all his days he did incline to earn Gods holy laws now to Jerusalem we hope God shall him bring that with the saints he may rejoice and still God's praises sing 

F12 - SGS 23
West face 1759 This stone erected by CHARLES CRAWFORD in memory of DAVID CRAWFORD his father late in Craigton who died 20 November 1758 in 69 year of his life mother MATILDA BRECHIN who died 1 April 1754 aged 57
West side - emblem angels

East face By Adam's sin death entered in all mankind to devour who to this day will still always be subject to its power

F13 - SGS 24
East face 1778 This stone erected by WILLIAM WATSON in Cotton of Hillhead and BARBARA FITCHET his spouse in memory of his deceased wife viz MATILDA CLARK died 1768 aged 40 years also their children AGNOS WATSON died 1769 aged 3 years and GEORGE WATSON died 1772 aged 5 weeks
West face June by 3 1765 WILLIAM WATSON died in the 19 year of his age 17 January 1771 DAVID WATSON died in the 18 year of his age 28 September 1773 ANDREW WATSON died in the 12 year of his age 1793

F14 - SGS 25
1874 DAVID ELLIS died 14 April 1872 aged 60 ELIZABETH HENDERSON widow died 30 December 1873 THOMAS ELLIS their son died 17 February 1868 aged 29 also MARGARET ELLIS their daughter died 26 August 1848 aged 9 (8) scarlet fever, Pitairlie

F15 - SGS *
Erected to the memory of ANNE ROBBIE wife of ALEXANDER HENDERSON died 23 June 1894 also their daughter ANNE died in infancy and the above ALEXANDER HENDERSON 7 August 1901

G01 - SGS *
Erected by JOHN MOUG Newbigging in memory of his wife MARTHA MILL who died 1 July 1867 aged 46 and 7 of their children who died in infancy said JOHN MOUG died at Stotfaulds 27 September 1887 aged 70 years JAMES FAIRLIE Balmirmer is also buried here born 2 June 1854 died 28 October 1930 and MARJORY MILL his wife daughter of JOHN and MARTHA MOUG born 11 February 1855 died 28 September 1938 JESSIE daughter of JAMES and MARJORY FAIRLIE born 1 November 1888 died 2 July 1943 MARGARET their youngest daughter 30 March 1891 died 12 July 1963 Professor of Midwifery in the University of St. Andrews 1940 - 1956

G02 - SGS 33
East face 1822 IS MR IS PS RS IS WS Erected by MARGARET ROBERTSON in Lochend in memory of her husband JAMES SCOTT who died 15 December 1815 aged 44 years also of their son ANDREW SCOTT who died 25 October 1812 aged 5 years
West face 1848 revised JOHN SCOTT in memory of his wife SUSAN GIBSON who died 26 February 1847 aged 41 years 'childbed', the above JOHN SCOTT died the 21 January 1899 aged 93 years

G03 - SGS *
1886 Erected by AGNES GIBSON in loving memory of FRANCIS NICOLL her husband who died 24 April 1885 aged 63 years the above AGNES GIBSON who died 3 March 1911 aged 84 years also their grandchild WILLIAM WALKER who died in infancy.

G04 - SGS *
In loving memory of CATHERINE ALEXANDER wife of GEORGE STEVEN East Hillhead Monikie died 11 February 1906 aged 45 their son JOHN STEVEN died 28 December 1909 aged 23 years GEORGE STEVEN who died 1 March 1941 aged 87.

G05 - SGS 32
Erected by JAMES FELL and AGNES MILL his wife in memory of their children JAMES who died in infancy 6 July 1837 ISABELLA who died 28 September 1870 revised by their surviving children GEORGE WILLIAM and ELIZABETH in memory of their mother AGNES MILL who died 1 August 1879 aged 69 years also their father JAMES FELL who died 27 May 1887 aged 81 years 

G06 - SGS 31
1824 Erected by ALEXANDER MILL in memory of his father ALEXANDER/WILLIAM MILLS who died 15 April 1818 aged 63 and of his brothers and sister BARBARA died 10 March 1792 aged 10 days DAVID died 20 August 1805 aged 20 months JAMES 15 October 1837? ISABELLA died 28 September 1870 Revised by their surviving children GEORGE WILLIAM ELIZABETH in memory of their mother AGNES MILL died 1 August 1---

G07 - SGS *
weathered '-RTSON'

G08 - SGS 30
1768 This stone was erected by JAMES MILL tenant in Newlandhead in memory of his deceased spouse ANNA DUNCAN died January 1768, aged 70 years also ANDREW MAGDLON and JOHN MILL are interred here
West side Revised in 1804 CHARLES MILL tenant in Newlandhead and DAVID MILL in memory of their deceased parents viz DAVID MILL late tenant there who died 23 December 1803 aged 74 years also his spouse MAY/MARJORY ROSS who died December 1802 aged 74 years

G09 - SGS 29
1803 Erected by PATRICK SMALL in Cotton of Denfind in memory of his spouse MARY OGILVIE who died on the 11 June 1802 aged 64 years PATRICK SMALL died December 1826 aged 84 years HELEN SMALL died July 1857 aged 82 years ALEXANDER SMALL weaver and pendicler died 27 October 1854 aged 75 years JEAN STEWARD his spouse died December 1874 aged 86 years
Family at 11 June 1802 GEORGE SMALL HELEN SMALL ALEXANDER SMALL survives JAMES SMALL ISABEL SMALL JEAN SMALL deceased The above GEORGE SMALL died 16 April 1846 aged 76 years CATHERINE KEILLOR his spouse died 30 January 1845 aged 75 years

G10 - SGS 28
1799. This stone revised by JAMES BROWN tenant in Westlands of Affleck in memory of his father ROBERT BROWN taylor in Craigton of Monikie died 1773 wife JANET MUDIE died 1769 their daughter JANET died 1783. (difficult to read).

G11 - SGS *
ARCHIE McDONALD died 31 December 1927 From his fellow-workers and few friends

G12 - SGS 27
This stone erected by MAGDALENE HERAL Cotton of Camuston in memory of her deceased husband ROBERT OLIVER died 20 September 1781 aged 55 also two children ROBERT and JAMES died 1762 aged 4 days all interred here there is yet six children alive JOHN JANET ISABEL JEAN ELIZABETH and BARBARA
West side emblems verses (difficult)

G13 - SGS *
Erected by CHARLES and ANDREW SYMON in memory of their parents CHARLES SYMON who died 24 January 1917 his wife ISABELLA SPALDING died 16th July 1926

G14 - SGS *
In memory of JOHN STEWART died 14 April 1931 and his wife HANNAH MANN died 19 December 1965 their son JAMES M STEWART died 22 February 1977 husband of BETTY RAITT and their daughter HANNAH T STEWART died 1 May 1992

G15 - SGS 26
1739 PA MM Erected by ROBERT AYUR tenant in Stotfaulds DA RA MA here lies JOHN MUDIE sometime indweller in Cotton of Greystone who departed this life in the year 1703 and of his age 61 also here lies HELEN BELLIE spouse who departed this life..(flaked surface)

H01 - SGS (photograph)
Erected by their son ALEX in loving memory of his parents THOMAS MACKIE farmer Downiebank who died 14 January 1915 aged 86 years and ANNE LAIRD died 10 September 1917 aged 75 years and of his beloved wife ELLEN D FINDLAY died at Downiebank 12 May 1940 aged 74 years the said ALEXANDER L MACKIE Stormont Carnoustie died 5 June 1962 aged 89 years MARJORY L MACKIE CLARK his daughter died 10 July 1992 aged 89 years JAMES F MACKIE youngest son of ALEXANDER MACKIE died 23 December 1918 aged 19 years also his eldest son THOMAS MACKIE farmer The Binns Carmyllie died 29 April 1931 aged 34 years

H02 - SGS
..also my father who died 12 June 1869 aged 91 years

H03 - SGS
Erected by ALEXANDER EASSON in memory of his father SAMUEL EASSON who died at West Downie 26 August 1866 aged 47 years also in loving memory of his spouse MARY MATHER our mother who died at Brae Downie on 17 December 1892 aged 69 years also MARY MATHER ESSON fifth daughter of above who died at 371 Strathmore Avenue Dundee on 31 March 1932 in her 74 year

H04 - SGS
Erected by JAMES MURDOCH weaver in Craigton and ISOBEL BROUN his spouse in memory of his father JAMES MURDOCH who died 31 May 1821 aged 75 years
West face 1824 IM IB

H05 - SGS
1791 This stone was erected by WILLIAM STURROCK tenant Luckslap and ISOBEL MUDIE his spouse in memory of their deceased child AN STURROCK who died April 1789 aged 11 months

H06 - SGS
In memory of ALEXANDER CUMMINE who died 25 February 1886 aged 67 years also his wife CATHERINE FLEMING who died 25 January 1886 aged 67 years also their family CHARLES CUMMINE died 3 April 1873 aged 32 years DAVID WHITE CUMMINE died 19 January 1870 aged 14 years GEORGE CUMMINE who died 29 February 1908 in his 65 years and is interred London

H07 - SGS

H08 - SGS (photograph)
1872 Erected in the memory of JAMES LYALL who died 1871 aged 72 years CHRISTINA NICOL his wife died 1871 aged 76 years and of their children JOHN born 1817 died 1843 aged 10 yellow fever, Lochmylie, DAVID born 1824 died 1846 aged 23 consumption, Lochmylie, STEWART born 1828 died 1847 JAMES born 1837 died 1847 WILLIAM born 1819 died 1855 also AGNES TAYLOR LYALL died 29 February 1904 aged 77 and MARGARET LYALL died 4 January 1906 aged 75

A descendant advises that the GRO(S) death record shows James Lyall, Snr. died 21 May 1862 aged 72 years at Braefoot Carnoustie. He was born 15 Feb 1790 at Miredyke, Inverkeilor.

H09 - SGS
1828 Erected to the memory of WILLIAM NICOL he lived by honest industry in Lochmillie died 27 June 1828 aged 73 years this tribute of respect is erected by his widow AGNES TAYLOR and their children JAMES JOHN WILLIAM CHRISTINA JEAN ISOBEL and BARBARA NICOL also to the memory of the said AGNES TAYLOR their mother who died on the 11 March 1834 aged 71 years

H10 - SGS
In loving memory of ALEXANDER CAMERON schoolmaster in this Parish 1876 - 1901 Registrar etc 1892 - 1917 who died at Innervar Monikie 7 June 1919 in his 83 year and of his wife HELEN SCOTT who died 21 February 1915 in her 81 year also their children JOHN ALEXANDER who died in infancy interred at Fern and MARGARET ROSS who died 11 November 1880 in her 16 year

I01 - SGS 43
1837 Erected by WILLIAM IRELAND Cotton of Downiemill in memory of his spouse ELIZABETH SMALL died 11 March 1836 aged 44 also their 2 daughters viz HELEN died 13 February 1836 aged 20 ANN died 30 March 1836 aged 17 and said WILLIAM IRELAND died 20 May 186

I02 - SGS 42
1836 Erected by ISABEL NEISH in memory of her late husband ROBERT IRELAND shoemaker Husbandtown died 9 May 1816 aged 51 years also their son JAMES died 24 February 1836 aged 20 Revised WILLIAM IRELAND in memory of his mother ISABEL NEISH who died 7 December 1847 aged 66 years also of his son WILLIAM who died 23 December 1883 aged 34 years

I03 - SGS 41
Erected by WILLIAM BUTCHART and MARY FAIRLY his spouse in Cotton of Graystone in memory of their daughter ISABELLA died 26 January 1808 aged 8 years
West side 1815 WB.+ MF. / WB. AB. IB. DB. IB. MB. CB. TB. EB. IB. BB.

I04 - SGS *
Erected in memory of ALICE MARSHALL wife of ALEXANDER CRAWFORD East Hillhead died 2 September 1893 aged 75 years the above ALEXANDER CRAWFORD late farmer East Hillhead Monikie died 19 January 1902 aged 75 years

I05 - SGS *
Erected to the memory of SARAH ANN CRAWFORD daughter of ALEXANDER CRAWFORD and ALICE CRAWFORD East Hillhead Monikie died 12 October 1867 aged 12 CHARLES CRAWFORD died 7 August 1904 aged 7 years

I06 - SGS 40
1871 Erected by ISABEL STURROCK in memory of her husband JAMES BARRIE died 9 May 1871 aged 64 and their children ANN died 1 June 1841 aged 20 months DAVID died 16 January 1852 aged 17 the above ISABEL STURROCK died 2 April 1896 aged..

I07 - SGS *
In loving memory of WILLIAM NAIRN quarrymaster died at Lismore Monikie 27 January 1929 aged 84 his wife HELEN BARRIE died 23 April 1938 91 year her daughter MARY BARRIE died 10 August 1944 also their son ALEXANDER BARRIE died 25 June 1947

I08 - SGS 39
1797. Erected by WILLIAM GUTHRIE and JANET NORIE his spouse in memory of their son WILLIAM died 16 March 1796 aged 21 years he was born 7 January 1775 survives this date MARY ALEXANDER ISOBELLE BARBARA and JAMES GUTHRIE

J01 - SGS *
In loving memory of our father DAVID PETRIE died 28 June 1937 also our mother ANNIE SPALDING who died 19 February 1960

J02 - SGS 44 (photograph)
1825 Erected by WILLIAM MOONLIGHT overseer at Newbigging and SUSAN RENNIE his spouse in memory of their children viz DAVID who died 24 May 1821 aged 2 years ALEXANDER who died 23 July 1825 aged 17 years and WILLIAM who was drowned at sea 28 June 1837 aged 22 years the above WILLIAM MOONLIGHT who died 12 December 1831 aged 59 years and SUSAN RENNIE died 12 November 1859 aged 87 years

J03 - SGS * (photograph)
In loving memory of DAVID RAMSAY died 21 January 1944 aged 95 his wife ANN CAMPBELL died 30 May 1924 aged 71 their daughter MARGARET died 1881 their grandson DAVID R DAVIS killed in action at Homs 1943 aged 36 their daughter ANN died 29 March 1971 erected by the family

J04 - SGS 45
1777. Emblem AL. + MS. / AL. DL. BL. -L. (D)L. -L. AL.
Life how short death how final eternity how long
(It is suggested by Jack Blair that this is the stone of Alexander Lowson and Margaret Smith in Craigton, parents of Anna 1749, David 1750, Barbara 1751, John 1754, James 1757, Anna 1760 registered. )

J05 - SGS 46
IL ML ML IL AL WL WL ( Inscription on East side missing )
West side 1775 this stone is erected by WILLIAM LOW wright in Guildie in memory of his spouse ANN BALFOUR who died 12 January 1773 aged 36 years and his father JAMES LOW also wright in Guildie died 28 November 1752 aged 50 years and their children MAREY who died 14 August 1768 aged 6 years WILLIAM died 20 June 1773 aged 1 year

J06 - SGS * (photograph)
Erected in memory of JOHN AYMER corn merchant Dundee who was born 10 March 1803 and died 23 January 1865

J07 - SGS 47
To memory of DAVID MORGAN late farmer in West Downie who died 1786 aged 67 years his son and successor viz DAVID and his spouse BARBARA SMITH erected this stone
West side 1801 Revised by JAMES MORGAN presently tenant in the Downie Muir in memory of his father DAVID MORGAN late tenant there who died 8 February 1796 aged 69 years likewise of his brother DAVID MORGAN who succeeded his father there who died 26 November 1799/1798 aged 5 years

J08 - SGS *
Erected by MARGARET PHILIP in loving memory of husband JOHN SHEPHERD who died at Craigton Monikie 24 June 1904 aged 48 years not forgotten also of her father THOMSON PHILIP who died at Craigton 25 December 1911 aged 85 years and her mother MARGARET ANDERSON who died at Craigton 9 April 1915 aged 87 to memory dear also the above MARGARET PHILIP who died 12 August 1951 aged 94 years

K01 - SGS *
In memory of MARY NICOLL wife of JOHN W A WILSON Pitairlie 1867-1907 JAMES W A WILSON 11 March 1906 - 2nd August 1906

K02 - SGS *
Sacred to the memory of JAMES GIBSON late farmer Greenburn who died 1863 aged 75 years also his wife ELIZABETH GIBSON who died 19 November 1870 aged 72 years and their family - AGNES who died 23 December 1854 aged 17 years typhus fever WILLIAM who died 16 May 1858 aged 18 years ANN who died 20 November 1860 aged 30 years JESSIE who died 9 December 1915 aged 81 years

K03 - SGS 49
1752 This monument was erected by ALEXANDER GRIEG and ISOBEL JOHNSTON in Wester Denside in memory of their viz THOMAS who died Anno 1736 going in the 4 year of his age KATHERINE died 1736 aged 4 days MARGARET died 1737 aged 3 days ALEXANDER died 1740 aged 4 days PATRICK died 1742 going in his 2 year JOHN died 7 January 1753 aged 7 days also here lied JAMES GRIEG who died in the 2 June 1758 years and of his age 14 years DAVID GREIG died 7 December 1777 aged 26 years JANET JOHNSTON died 25 November 1785 aged 5 years WILLIAM GREIG and ISOBEL COUPAR in Saddleston had children interred here viz ELIZABETH died 2 February 1785 aged and DAVID 4 April 1799
Emblems including 2 angels farming symbols. AG. + II. / TG. EG. KG. MG. IG. AG. PG. IG. WG. GG. DG.) ALEXANDER GRIEG died 4 March 1781 aged 75

K04 - SGS * (Flat stone - parts unclear)(photograph)+(photograph)
Erected by DAVID CUTHBERT tenant in Mill of Monikie in memory of his worthy wife LEUCRETIA JONSON May 1738 year and of her age 52 years.
This stone is erected by WILLIAM CUTHBERT in ground of Balmachie in memory of his deceas mother viz ISOBEL CUTHBERT died anno 1777 aged 65 years also in memory of his sister ANN CUTHBERT who died anno 1770 aged 26 years
Memorandum of the foresaid WILLIAM CUTHBERT and ... childs children viz. JOHN MARY and WILLIAM ISOBEL HELEN and WILLIAM CUTHBERTs

K05 - SGS 48 (photograph)
This stone was erected by DAVID CHALMERS gardener at Panmure and BETTY KER his spouse in memory of their daughter ANNE who died 17 June 1777 aged 4 months the foresaid BETTY KER died upon the 3 September 1806 aged 68 years
West side 1780 Revised by FLORINDA CHALMERS in memory of her father DAVID CHALMERS who died 28 February 1806 aged 66 years also of her brother PATRICK CHALMER who died 29 April 1807 aged 35 years likewise of her sister MARY 10 August 1815 aged 47 years JAMES son of the foresaid PATRICK died 2 June 1807 aged 6 months and is interred here

K06 - SGS
Erected by MARY ANN RAMSAY in memory of her husband ROBERT SMITH farmer West Bankhead who died 10 February 1892 aged 58 years and of their son ROBERT SMITH who died at Dodd 9 June 1900 aged 33 years the above named MARY ANN RAMSAY who died at 9 Eden Street Dundee 1 July 1918 aged 74 years WILLIAM MAULE ALEXANDER SMITH MD FRCPE third son of the above who died 6 July 1925 aged 51 years and buried in West Bromich Cemetery gone but not forgotten

L01 - SGS 50 (photograph)
1836 Erected by ELIZABETH ANDERSON in memory of husband ALEXANDER BREMNER late Blacksmith Loanhead died 4 July 1835 in the 70th year of his age

L02 - SGS 51
Sacred to the memory of HENRY KEY shoemaker Craigton who died 9 October 1867 aged 67 years also of MARGARET KEY his wife who died 8 April 1851 aged 52 years and WILLIAM KEY their son who died 4 January 1850 aged 23 years also their son CHARLES KEY who died 3 November 1874 aged 50 years and his daughter CHARLOTTE who died 18 September 1876 aged 2 years and 9 months ALISON R KEY daughter of said CHARLES KEY who died 6 January 1903 aged 37 years ELIZABETH ROBERTS wife of the above CHARLES KEY died 16 October 1905 aged 69 years GEORGINA KEY daughter of the said CHARLES KEY died 22 June 1933 aged 62 years and her husband JAMES ADAM died 11 September 1957 aged 82 years

L03 - SGS 52
IK. + ES. / HK. HK. IK. MK. BK. MK. BK. IK.
West side 1773. This stone erected by JAMES KEY tanner in Guildie and JEAN his spouse in memory of their deceased children viz HENDRY MARGARET and MARGARET are interred here Here lies the corpse of JAMES KEY who died 4 February aged 70 years and JEAN STIVEN his spouse who died September February 1782

L04 - SGS 53
Erected by ISABELLA MUDIE in memory of her father JAMES MUDIE late tenant in Pitairlie who died 12 May 1834 aged 90 years and her mother HELEN ALEXANDER who died 17 August 1834 aged 75 years also in memory of her brother JAMES MUDIE late tenant in Pitairlie died 25 December 1841 aged 54 years

L05 - SGS 54
(Possibly the oldest stone in the kirkyard: may have been formerly flat.) "JAS MVDE. here lyes the forenamed honest man who died on the 17 of an 1656 a.d. of his age 80 a.d. his spouse 25 July 1660 age 98. (Partially covered by ground. Large lettering).

L06 - SGS 55
1756 ALEX ( Carie? ) in Craigtoun died 1763? aged 67 and his wife ISOBEL MUDIE died 1741 aged 49 (Almost indecipherable) West side - emblem.

L07 - SGS 56
1830 Erected by WILLIAM KERR merchant in Husbandtown to the memory of his spouse MARGARET ANDERSON who died 13 November 1820 aged 49 years also his daughter ISOBEL died 25 November 1820 aged 12 years (mother and daughter interred on 17 December 1820) and son GEORGE died 9 January 1830 aged 3 years

L08 - SGS *
Sacred to the memory of ROBERT WILSON who died 23 October 1883 aged 34 years also of his father JAMES WILSON died 17 January 1904 aged 79 years and of his wife MARY LYALL died 18 April 1886 aged 66 years

L09 - SGS
AB JAMES BLEAR spouse to AGNAS ALLAN who departed this life the 9 October 1669 in the year of our Lord and of adged 64 years ISOBAL FERER

L10 - SGS
This stone was erected by JAMES 1780 1748 1748 1756 1776 1774 1772 and his spouse ANN ARCLAY

M01 - SGS * (See also SGS 113 below)
In memory of JAMES MITCHELL of Auchinleck who died 31 October 1858 aged 50 years also his son JOHN MILLER MITCHELL died 9 February 1860 aged 9 years 5 months also his son Lt W E MITCHELL of H.M.S. Esk who was mortally wounded when in command of HM Gunboat Avon in the Waira River New Zealand and died 3 February 1864 aged 22 years also his son ANDREW CRAWFORD MITCHELL who died at Delegate New South Wales 3 September 1856 aged 22 years

M02 - SGS *
Erected by WILLIAM FAIRLIE and MARGARET SMITH his wife in memory of their daughter JANE born 25 March 1851 died 25 December 1859 also JAMES LAIRD FAIRLIE grandson of the above and son of WILLIAM FAIRLIE jun Drowndubbs who died 16 March 1892 aged 6 years and is interred here sacred to the memory of the above WILLIAM FAIRLIE who died at Bonhaird Arbirlot 13 December 1902 MARGARET SMITH his widow who died at Arbroath 26 November 1918 aged 98 years

M03 - SGS 67 (photograph)+(photograph)
This stone erected by WILLIAM WEBSTER and BARBARA JOHNSTON his spouse in Carlongy in memory of their daughter MARGARET who departed this life the 4 July 1744 going in the 6 year of her age This stone was revised in the year of our Lord One thousand and seven hundred and ninety-eight by ISOBEL WEBSTER spouse to the deceased PATRICK ANDERSON tenant in Westhaven and daughter of said WILLIAM WEBSTER who died 1773 at an advanced age and the said BARBARA JOHNSTON who died 26 May 1796 aged 88
West face MW IW MW IM WW BI
"For as in Adam all die even so in Christ shall all be made alive"
". .that ye may . ." "And when the chief Shepherd shall appear ye shall receive a crown of glory that fadeth not away. <1 Peter V> Henceforth there is laid up for me a Crown of righteousness which the Lord, the righteous Judge, shall give me at that day; <II Timothy>"
". . his honour have . . at his . . "for . . . and unto . . j"

M04 - SGS 66
Erected by JOHN PETRIE and MARGARET HOGG Cotton of Denfind in memory of their daughter MARGARET who died 12 March 1812 aged 19 the said JOHN PETRIE died on the 18 April 1824 aged 62 Craigtown, also MARGARET HOGG his spouse died on the 16 March 1831 aged 68 years
East face GEORGE PETRIE at Cotton Denfind revised this stone in memory of his spouse HELEN PETRIE who died on the 24 November 1829 aged 38 years also their infant son JOHN who died on the 9 July 1823 aged 5 weeks the above GEORGE PETRIE died on the 7 April 1870 in the 80 year of his age

M05 - SGS 65 (photograph soon)
West side (merchant and scales) This stone was erected by ELIZABETH SKIRLING in memory of JOHN MORGAN her deceased husband late merchant in Dundee and tenant in Ballhill who died ye 8 November aged 49 years (flaked surface)
East face 1815 revised by JAMES WEIR and ELSPETH MORGAN his spouse daughter to the said

M06 - SGS 64
(Originally a flat stone, badly weathering) Interred here the Rev WILLIAM MAULE DD. who died 30 January 1822/27 aged 73 in the 45 year of his ministry and his wife MARGARET BISSET died 2 October 1817 aged 55 and their daughter HELEN died 31 March 180-

M07 - SGS 63
Emblems on East side. A IH. M. IB.(loom) IH. IH. IH. IH Here lyeth ane faithfull brother named ALEXANDER MAN son to JOHN MAN sometime af the Miln of Boysik w departed this life the 7 November Anno 1678 being of age 27 years here lyes also JANOT BESLAR wife to JAMES HOG in the Luckyslap who died the 23 November 1750 and her age 79

M08 - SGS 62
Erected in memory of THOMAS PETRIE died 10 August 1868 aged 73 years and JEAN SAUNDERS died 20 February 1892 aged 87 years also their children JOHN died July 1848 aged 26 years GEORGE died in infancy 1822 ELIZABETH died 1869 aged 25 years HELEN died 1861 aged 11 years

M09 - SGS 61 (photograph)+(photograph)
East face 1778 This stone erected by JAMES HOG tenant in Loanhead of Auchinlake and ISOBEL STORRIER his spouse in memory of their deceased son viz: JAMES HOG who died April 17
West side (fine carving - emblem of weaver) EH. IH. IH. IH. BH. IH. CH.

M10 - SGS 60
1821. Erected by ALEXANDER DUNCAN Newlandhead in memory of his spouse MATILDA LONGAIR who died 29 December 1820 aged 70 years also of his son ROBERT died July 1806 aged 15 years

M11 - SGS *
In loving remembrance HELEN ANDERSON wife of JOHN LEITCH Newbigging died 19 April 1877 aged 88 years and the above named JOHN LEITCH died 2 May 1885 aged 82 years also their daughter CATHERINE LEITCH wife of WILLIAM KINNEAR Newbigging died 20 July 1918 aged 64 years also WILLIAM KINNEAR who died 16 February 1927 aged 73 years

M12 - SGS 59
Here lies ROBERT WAT husband to GREZAEL MELLMAKER who dwelt sometime in the Diktoun who departed this life upon the 14 day of January 1733 and of his age in the 52 year My glass is run and yours runneth fear to sin for judgement cometh emblem of a tailor.
West face RW GM BW IW

N01 - SGS *
Erected by ALEXANDER ROBERTSON and his wife ISABELLA CUMMINE in loving memory of their daughter ISABELLA JANE KIDD who died 8 September 1889 aged 5 years also ELIZABETH J ROBERTSON who died 16 March 1915 aged 23 years and son DAVID A ROBERTSON who died 16 January 1923 aged 33 years the above ALEXANDER ROBERTSON died 9 September 1925 aged 74 years the above ISABELLA CUMMINE died 24 March 1941 aged 87 years

N02 - SGS *
In loving memory of our mother ELIZABETH GIBSON wife of PETER JARRON who died at Forfar 22 August 1890 aged 63 years God is love

N03 - SGS 69
1799 Erected by DAVID STEEL late tenant in Broomwell in memory of his deceased spouse viz ISOBEL DARGIE died the 11 July 1776 aged 47 years and of his deceased children JAMES BETTY and DAVID 1800. JOHN ISOBEL WILLIAM and GEORGE STEEL survive this date

N04 - SGS 70 (photograph)
Erected by JANET CRAIG Forthill Broughty Ferry in memory of husband JOHN CRAIG late farmer Forthill Balgillo who departed this life on the 5 September 1807 in the 31 year of his age also in memory also of son GEORGE CRAIG died in London 14 March 1831 on his arrival from Valpariso South America after an absence of 6 years from his native land in the 26 year of his age

N05 - SGS 71
West face 1824 Erected by DAVID ANDERSON and AGNES ANDERSON his spouse in Cotton of Pitairlie in memory of son ALEXANDER died 3 May 1823 aged 29 days

N06 - SGS * (photograph)
East face Erected by JAMES McWATTIE in memory of his parents and brother ALEXANDER McWATTIE Knowes died 21 April 1873 aged 75 years ANN ROBERTSON died 15 May 1888 aged 85 years NICOLL McWATTIE died 5 May 1898 aged 68 years the above JAMES McWATTIE died at Fitzroy Victoria 6 November 1898 aged 70 years
North face In loving memory of MARGARET SCOTT the beloved wife of ANDREW McWATTIE Harecairn who died 8 May 1912 aged 77 years the above ANDREW McWATTIE who died at Harecairn 6 October 1924 aged 88 years also their son DAVID died 14 December 1924 aged 60 years also daughter JESSIE who died 17 May 1937 aged 70 years

O01 - SGS 79
In loving memory of JOHN SMITH late of Newton of Affleck who died 21 December 1917 aged 62 years and his wife BARBARA SPALDING died 27 October 1937 erected by his widow and family

O02 - SGS 78
1842 Erected by MARGARET K-- widow of JOHN SMITH tenant in D-- died 17 December 18- - 66 years

O03 - SGS 77
1823 DG IC they procreated twixt them MARGARET WILLIAM DAVID PETER GRAY who survived this date

O04 - SGS 76
Erected by JOHN SCOTT weaver in Guildy in memory of his spouse ELSPET HOGG who died 29 April 1809 aged 60 years They had a child who died in infancy named MARGARET
West side IS EH 1814 Their son and daughter JOHN and ISOBELL SCOTT survive this date

O05 - SGS 75
Erected by WILLIAM GIBSON farmer Wellbank in memory of wife MARY PATON who died 26 June 1856 aged 42 years and of their children JOHN ALEXANDER AGNES MARY JAMES and CHARLES who died in infancy ANN GIBSON died 19 October 1865 aged 18 years the above WILLIAM GIBSON died 31 March 1870 aged 69 years

O06 - SGS 116/117? (Flat stone - mostly unclear) (photograph)
(SGS refer to seven unseen stones mentioned by Jervise; 116 and 117 may both refer to the following entry, uncovered in 1994.)

AND ANDERSON . . it . .ii . . Downie ISABEL STRACHAN his wife departed this life . . 1771 and of . .
Here lys the flower of . . child of . . id . . into his parents . . brother . . who . .to the fo . . sometime tent Mains of Panmwre . . 24 April 1763 aged 78
AND ANDERSON tent Camustoun, wife ISOBEL STRACHAN son AND 3 December 1731 aged 16 (poem)

O07 - SGS *
Here lies DAVIDSON (Emblem)

O08 - SGS *
Here lyes JANET . . weathered)

O09 - SGS *
Erected by the companions of LIZZIE ANDERSON 20 August 1907 aged 16 years deeply regretted

P01 - SGS 80
1824 Erected by ROBERT STURROCK in memory of his mother SUSAN KERR who died 24 January 1824 aged 78 years also of his son JOHN STURROCK who died 19 October 1825 aged 30 years

P02 - SGS 81
1839. Erected by ROBERT SMITH farmer Bankhead and his spouse AGNES BROWN in memory of their son GEORGE LOUDEN SMITH who died 27 April 1836 aged 6 years also THOMAS SMITH who died 17 January 1811 aged 7 years ALEXANDER died 26 September 1813 aged 1 year MARGARET who died 16 October 1813 aged 2 years

P03 - SGS *
1901 In loving memory of MARGARET WEBSTER WALKER who died at The Firs 26 March 1901 aged 80 second daughter of WILLIAM and JANET ALEXANDER and widow of JOHN WALKER millwright and engineer Liverpool who died 19 February 1879 aged 59 and interred in Annfield Cemetery of that city

P04 - SGS 82
1853 Erected by W M ALEXANDER M.A. Schoolmaster in Monikie in memory of his father WILLIAM ALEXANDER late schoolmaster of said Parish for a period of 28 years who died 28 January 1838 in the 62 year of his age and his mother JANET WALKER who died 30 September 1864 in the 81 year of her age the said W M ALEXANDER M.A. died at the Firs Monikie on the 23 January 1892 in the 76 year of his age his sister MARY ANN ALEXANDER died at the Firs on the 11 July 1894 aged 83 years

P05 - SGS 114 (Flat stone - parts unclear) (photograph)
Here lyes the corpse of ane godly woman called BARBARA SCOT spouse to DAVID SCOT in Graystone who departed this life the 4th(or 14th) April 1674(or 1696) and of her age 31
Here also lyes ROBERT MARGARET IEAN and JOHN, SCOTS children to the above named parents DS. BS. (Latin inscription)

P06 - SGS *
1868 Erected by the family in memory of their father JAMES FAIRLIE who died 17 March 1855 aged 75 years and of their mother JANE TAYLOR who died 11 September 1864 aged 83 years also two of their sisters who died in infancy and their sister MARY died 29 October 1869 aged 56 years in loving memory of ANDREW FAIRLIE tenant of Fallows and Muirhouse who died at Whitfield 31 October 1874 aged 59 years and of BARBARA McKENZIE his wife who died at Fallows 1851 also of JAMES FAIRLIE his son who died at Lymington 26 November 1879 aged 33 years and of HELEN FINDLAY wife of JAMES FAIRLIE who died at Lymington 4 September 1880 aged 32 years also of WALTER JAMES FAIRLIE son of JAMES and HELEN FAIRLIE who died at Southampton 20 July 1893 aged 15 years

P07 - SGS *
East face Erected by AGNES SMITH in loving memory of husband JAMES FAIRLIE farmer Kirkton Monikie who died 26 May 1897 aged 73 years and of their children CATHERINE who died in infancy WILLIAM who died at Langdon North Dakota USA 6 October 1892 aged 32 years AGNES who died 5 August 1899 aged 40 years the above AGNES SMITH our beloved mother died at Kirkton 6 December 1902 aged 75 years 'O spread thy covering wings about till all our wanderings cease'
South face Sacred to the memory of JANET SMITH daughter of the late JAMES SMITH farmer Drowndubbs our beloved aunt who died 13 July 1885 also of JOEY infant son of WILLIAM and JESSIE WISHART who died at Kirkton 4 February 1901 Asleep in Jesus
North face Also their son DAVID who died at Kirkton 5 September 1907 aged 43 years and of JAMES GAY who died 21 September 1896 aged 48 years interred in Gillingham Cemetery JANE eldest daughter of said JAMES FAIRLIE widow of JAMES GAY who died at Kirkton 3 August 1914

P08 - SGS * (photograph)
Erected by the family in remembrance of their parents JOHN SHERRIFF died 28 February 1864 aged 71 years MARY ERSKINE died 9 November 1860 aged 60 years and ISABELLA their daughter who died in infancy
JOHN SHERRIFF died 1 December 1914 aged 75 years ISABELLA STRACHAN died 11 March 1919 aged 81 years JAMES SHERIFF their son died 21 October 1888

P09 - SGS *
In loving memory of our mother MARY BROWN died 15 December 1937 and our dear father WILLIAM SHERRIFF died 24 February 1949

Q01 - SGS *
Erected in loving memory of DAVID SHERRIFF who died 2 August 1884 in the 83 year of his age also JANE CARGILL his wife who died 12 June 1889 in the 84 year of her age also their children ANNE died in infancy ISABELLA aged 3 years and of their son JAMES and family who were drowned at sea 19 January 1887 their daughter MARGARET died 29 June 1907 aged 75 years

Q02 - SGS *
Erected by the widow and family in loving memory of JOHN WILSON who died at Dundee Royal Infirmary 14 March 1904 aged 65 also his daughter ANN who died at Newton Affleck 15 June 1888 in her 25 year ISABELLA BLACK widow of above died Backmuir of Liff 23 February 1920 in her 78 year and their daughter MARGARET who died 27 January 1951 aged 80 years

Q03 - SGS 84
1800 This stone was erected by DAVID and WILLIAM ANDERSON on behalf of their father JAMES ANDERSON Muirdrum and in memory of their mother AGNES ROBERTSON who died 15 May 1788 aged 47 years, Panbride

Q04 - SGS 83
East face Erected by DAVID GUILD 1751 Here lies ANDREW GUILD sometime weaver in Craigton of Monikie who departed this life the 25 June 1746 aged 63 years as also JEAN HAY his spouse who died 10 December 1750 aged 52 MG PG IG DG RG AG IG IG BG
West face Revised 1808

R01 - SGS 85
MARGARET CHRISTIE ECKFORD wife of Rev JOHN ECKFORD Minister in Newbigging 1828 - 1851

R02 - SGS *
In loving remembrance of ROBERT CRAIG 26 years schoolmaster in Newbigging born 6 January 1827 died 17 March 1887 DAVID M CRAIG his youngest son born 29 December 1879 died 12 January 1882 his wife MARY FENTON TOSH born 25 March 1836 died at Corstorphine 6 December 1917 also their son GEORGE DUCHARS CRAIG born at Newbiggin on the 7 March 1874

R03 - SGS *
Erected by ELIZABETH WEBSTER in memory of husband ALEXANDER STURROCK died 31 March 1900 aged 72 years also of their son JAMES died 27 January 1861 aged 19 months also of their son PETER died 23 February 1899 aged 38 years the above ELIZABETH WEBSTER died 9 September 1915 aged 89 years

R04 - SGS *
Erected by JESSIE WEBSTER in memory of her daughter JESSIE SORRIE wife of ALEXANDER MERCHANT Newbigging died 8 December 1887 aged 33 years

R05 - SGS 86
(Perhaps oldest - formerly flat - difficult - emblem) AS MM MS Here lyes interred the corps of WILLIAM STIVEN husband to MA-- who departed ..

R06 - SGS
East face Here lies our fathers and mothers also our sister and two brothers who died ---- children ----. Emblem West side (Un-deciphered) WN. AN. EN. IN. AN. IN. CN. IN. NL.
West face
1765 This stone is erected by WILLIAM NISH and his spouse HELLEN AIRTH and GEORGE NISH all in Coton of Denfind in memory of their deceased father and mother brothers and sister viz JAMES NISH who died 4 March 1764 age 60 years also MARGARET LAWSON his spouse died 15 December 1752 aged 42 years ANDREW, AGNOS and JAMES NISH all interred here Here lies the foresaid HELEN AIERTH late spouse to the foresaid WILLIAM NISH who died 9 January 1789 aged 47 years also JAMES NIESH son to the foresaid died 15 April 1790 aged 25 years, Arbirlot

R07 - SGS *
To the memory of JOHN SMITH Craigton who died 27 September 1871 aged 63 years also WILLIAM ANN MARY ANDREW JAMES and JESSIE sons and daughters who died in youth also BARBARA GUTHRIE widow of the above JOHN SMITH who died at 18 Mallwood Road Balham Hill London 21 October 1893 aged 85 interred in Norwood cemetery

R08 - SGS
1787 This stone was erected by JOHN JAMES GEORGE and THOMAS BROWN in memory of their father and mother JAMES BROWN late tenant in Broomwell who died 22 July 1781 aged 66 years AGNES GUTHRIE died 1776 aged 66 years in memory of their deceased children JEAN ALEX JAMES ANDREW and MARGARET BROWN

S01 - SGS * (photograph)
1875 Sacred to the memory of JOHN SMITH late tenant of Affleck who died on the 25 May 1872 aged 46 years also his spouse ISABELLA LAWRENCE who died 25 June 1877 aged 51 years their daughter AGNES died 18 May 1876 aged 25 years also WILLIAM aged 36 years died 9 June 1885 also JAMES who died 22 December 1896 aged 33 years

S02 - SGS * (photograph)
Erected in memory of our dear mother JANE ROBB wife of ROBERT SMITH who died at Airlie Place Monikie 8 October 1928 aged 66 our brother WILLIAM ALEX SMITH died 7 November 1928 aged 39 our uncle JAMES ROBB died 6 December 1930 aged 71 our father the above ROBERT SMITH farmer Affleck who died 7 January 1933 aged 75

S03 - SGS 92
East face 1783 HENRY PATON in Craigton and JEAN PETRIE his wife set up this stone in memory of two children viz ANDREW he died 1767 aged 3 years WILLIAM died 1784 aged 8 years
West face against wall - difficult to decipher - emblem: inscription.)

S04 - SGS 93
Erected in memory of JAMES PATON wright Craigton who died 6 April 1888 aged 83 years his brother DAVID who died 1 May 1875 aged 66 years his son JAMES who died 5 January 1875 aged 23 years his daughter HELEN who died 16 February 1855 aged 5 years his wife JANET PATTULLO who died 31 October 1894 aged 83 years
West face Erected in memory of JAMES PATON wright Craigton died 1888 aged 83 years his father JAMES PATON wheelwright Craigton died 1835 aged 61 years his grandfather HENRY PATON wright Craigton died 1808 (mortcloth 18 June 1809) aged 65 years his great grandfather ANDREW PETRIE cooper who also lived and died in Craigton One generation shall praise thy works to another

S05 - SGS 91
1828 Erected by DAVID MILL tenant in Seggiewell and his spouse MARGARET DEWAR in memory of their son DAVID who was killed by the overturning of his .. (Remainder of inscription below ground - but known to be his 'cart').
West face DAVID MILL who erected this stone in memory of his son died 31 October 1835 aged 62 years

S06 - SGS *
Erected to the memory of ANDRW STURROCK Blacksmith Craigton who died on the 22 April 1914 aged 82 years also of his wife JESSIE PATON died on the 3 August 1920 aged 87 years and of their family HELEN PATON their daughter and JAMES PATON their son and of their grandson JAMES PATON BLACK who was drowned 4 November 1908 aged 21 years

S07 - SGS *
Erected by PETER MORRISON and his wife JESSIE ROSS in loving memory of their daughter ANNIE born 14 November 1873 died 31 July 1883

S08 - SGS 90
Erected to the memory of GEORGE COOPER Craignathro grandson of JAMES COUPAR Denside who died 16 December 1857 aged 84 also of his son JAMES COOPER who died 14 July 1862 aged 79 years and ELIZABETH WILKIE died on 4 November 1859 aged 75 years also to the memory of their son WILLIAM WILKIE COOPER the Willows Carnoustie who died on the 21 April 1882 aged 68 years ELIZABETH BARRY who died at Carnoustie 12 April 1957

S09 - SGS 89
1810 Erected by GEORGE COOPER tenant in Craignathro the Parish of Forfar in memory of his spouse ANN CHISHOLM who died February 1806 aged 44 also .

S10 - SGS *
Erected to the memory of ALEXANDER SCOTT farmer East Denside who died 7 October 1909 aged 67 years also JESSIE FAIRWEATHER relict of the above died 28 July 1911 aged 68 years also their children ANDREW who died 22 February 1875 aged 10 years interred in the Eastern Necropolis, Dundee ALEXANDER who died 27 June 1884 aged 2 years

S11 - SGS *(photograph)
Erected in loving remembrance of GEORGE RAMSAY died 15 May 1869 aged 69 years also JANE GIBSON his wife who died 10 May 1890 aged 82 years and their daughter CATHERINE RAMSAY who died 23 November 1873 aged 44 years also WALTER SANGSTER son of CATHERINE RAMSAY also died 13 February 1866 aged 7 years also DAVID SANGSTER beloved husband of CATHERINE RAMSAY who died on the 8 July 1898 aged 76 years also BARBARA RAMSAY who died on the 18 September 1908 aged 76 years

S12 - SGS *
Erected by DAVID PHILLIP in loving memory of his wife GEORGINA SANGSTER who died 19 October 1918 in her 58 year also of his son WILLIAM PHILLIP killed in action in France 26 October 1918 aged 21 years also of his grandson DAVID GEDDES died 4 March 1928 aged 19 years also the above DAVID PHILLIP who died 3 April 1947 aged 89 years

S13 - SGS *
In loving memory of ROBERT HORNE who died 28 January 1910 aged 80 years and JANET FOREST his wife who died 5 December 1921 aged 87 years also their sons SAMUEL died 2 August 1888 aged 20 years ANDREW died 11 March 1891 aged 19 years ROBERT died 28 April 1891 aged 31 years CHARLES died 12 April 1893 aged 17 years their daughter ARTHURINA died 30 March 1889 aged 19 years FRANCIS F HORNE died 31 January 1931 aged 56 years and his beloved wife LOVINA SOUTAR died 21 October 1966 aged 94 years

T01 - SGS * (photograph)
In loving memory of the Rev ANDREW ARMIT Minister of this Parish 1896 - 1938 died 5 August 1938 aged 73 and of his wife ELIZABETH WILSON died in Winchester 28 August 1942

T02 - SGS * (photograph)
In loving memory of ETHEL ELIZABETH ARMIT M.A. 15 November 1893 - 24 June 1925 'Glad did I live, gladly die'. Erected by the congregation and of CECIL BRODIE ARMIT MB ChB 23 April 1899 - 22 May 1946

T03 - SGS 94
1830 Erected by HELEN RENNIE tenant in Downiemuir Parish of Monikie to the memory of her husband DAVID KINNEAR who died 8 January 1830 aged 49 years also of their son DAVID who died 23 December 1828 aged 2 years

T04 - SGS 95 (photograph)
1862 Erected by JOSEPH DRYDEN Cotton of Ardestie in memory of his wife MARY DONALD who died 1 September 1861 aged 63 years also of their children viz MARY died 2 February 1837 aged 1 month JOSEPH lost at sea 23 September 1853 aged 21 years also the above JOSEPH DRYDEN born 7 January 1800 died 11 January 1883 aged 83 years also JANET DRYDEN who died 14 August 1898 aged 76 years
(Read the descendants' Family History in New Zealand)

T05 - SGS 96
West face 1824 erected by JAMES FORBES vintner in Muirdrum in memory of his spouse MARY DOVE who died 8 March 1824 aged 56 years also of their daughter HELEN who died in December 1810 aged 6 months they procreated twixt then 10 children 9 survive this date viz PETER ANN MARGARET WILLIAM MARY JAMES JOHN BARBARA and ALEX FORBES the 16 December 1824 (Was this family connected with Forbes Inn described HERE by W.D. Chisholm?)

T06 - SGS 97
East face 1775 This stone was renewed by WILLIAM FAIRLIE tenant in Guildie and BARBARA PETREY his spouse in memory of their deceased father HENRY FAIRLIE late servant to the Right Honourable Earl of Panmure who died 24 July 1767 aged 75 also their mother ELIZABETH RAMSAY who died 24 March 1755 aged 59 years also of his deceast wifes and children viz ISABELLE HAY who died 7 April 1766 aged 28 also JANET CRICHTON died 10 October 1762 aged 30 his children JEAN SHOUSAN and BARBARA FAIRLIE all interred here EF IF 2 WF LF SF VF MF AF JF

T07 - SGS *
Erected by BETSY FAIRLIE in loving memory of her husband ROBERT ROBERTSON died 20 September 1902 aged 66 years also of her mother MARGARET MACKAY who died 9 January 1871 aged 66 years the above BETSY FAIRLIE died 19 April 1914 aged 84 years

T08 - SGS 98
(Flat, very old, perhaps oldest - emblem two trumpets, lettering round edge) This stone erected by MARY STEPHEN and JAMES COUPER her son in ---- (verses around emblem, hard to decipher) 1648 ?, aged 63.

T09 - SGS 99
-N- In loving memory of our father ALEXANDER NORRIE who died at Gibsonhall Monikie 29 April 1928 aged 60 years also our mother JANE STURROCK died Little Cairnie Arbroath 20 December 1934 aged 62 years

T10 - SGS 100
1800 Erected by ALEXANDER STURROCK weaver in Guildie in memory of his deceased father and mother viz JAMES STURROCK died 15 October 1786 aged 56 years also his spouse ISOBEL MILL who died 2 February 1782 aged 49 years
Revised by MAGARET STURROCK in memory of her husband the foresaid ALEXANDER STURROCK who died 28 August 18?? AS MS (Sturrock family and old photographs)

T11 - SGS 101
East face This stone was erected by JOHN, GEORGE, JAMES and -- BROWN late tenant in ----, aged 64. AGNES died 1771 and in memory of their deceased children.
West face IB IC BH IB IB AB IB AB GB IB HB TB 1787

T12 - SGS 102
1865 Erected by WILLIAM ESSON of Cheltenham engineer and other surviving children in affectionate remembrance of their father GEORGE ESSON Balhungy who died 25 May 1855 aged 72 years and of their mother JANET STEPHEN died 16 May 1826 aged 43 years also of their brothers JAMES MEEK who died 18 April 1852 aged 22 years DAVID who died in Australia the 31 May 1854 aged 31 years ROBERT who died the 31 December 1854 aged 34 years in memory of DAVID EASSON who died 8 April 1898 aged 68 years also MARGARET MILLER his wife who died 31 August 1898

T13 - SGS 103
West side 1799 Erected by JANET FIFE in Craigton in memory of her deceased husband ALEXANDER DOVE who departed this life the 17 April 1768 aged 55 years also ALEX DOVE her son who died March 1786 aged 1 year
East face Also interred here, the foresaid JANET FIFE/FYFFE died 1 February 1813, aged 73

U01 - SGS
This stone was erected by JOHN RAMSAY and his spouse to the memory of their deceased parents DAVID RAMSAY died February 1701 aged 60 years, ELIZABETH died 4 April 1794 aged - years Dundee
West face ..

U02 - SGS 109
1820 GG IB Erected by GEORGE GREIG late tenant in East Denside and ISOBEL BLACK his spouse in memory of their daughter ISOBEL who died in 1815 aged 19 years also of his sister JANE GREIG who died in ..
West face GEORGE 1819 aged 19 years ANN 1 year (a daughter of George Greig interred 24 October 1819)

U03 - SGS 108
Erected by JOHN GIBSON mason in Guildie in memory of his spouse MARY SYDIE who died the 15 August 1812 aged 55 years

U04 - SGS 107
1821 WB IB PB MW Erected by PETER BUTCHART Coton of Denfind
In memory of his spouse MARY WALKER who died 16 January 1821 aged 73 years the said PETER BUTCHART died the 7 January 1834 aged 84 years

U05 - SGS
(upright) Here lies DAVID STIVEN son to ALEX

U06 - SGS

U07 - SGS
1814 erected by GEORGE STEPHEN/STIVEN wright Dundee and ELSPETH GRIEG his spouse in memory of their children who departed this life viz WILLIAM GRIEG STEPHEN died 16 December 1809 aged 3 months also ELIZABETH who died the 14 July 1813 aged 11 years and 7 months

SGS refer to seven unseen stones, mentioned by Jervise; of these, 116 and 117 may both refer to the stone O06; that and another two flat stones, K05 and P06, were uncovered in 1994. The 'unseen stones' are listed below with the curtailed inscription.

SGS 111 - ALEX MAULE who left the county and was never more heard of, his wife ELIZ GUTHRIE died at Camustown in 1523 interred in the kirk on the east side of the pulpit near the south wall. (The layout of the church was changed many years ago and the pulpit is now on the east wall.)

SGS 112 - 1808 Erected by JAS DEMPSTER in Balbui(ng?) and his wife MARGT KID in memory of deceased relations viz. parents HENRY DEMPSTER died May 1782 after serving 41 years as schoolmaster in this parish, ANNA SIM died December 1787, brothers HENRY died June 1781 and JOHN died June 1789, sister ISABEL died February 1781, sister ANNA November died 1797, spouse ISOBEL PETRIE and child ISOBEL died March 1793 all interred here.

SGS 113 - (but see M01 above) - JAS MITCHELL of Auchinleck died 31 October 18?? aged 50 years. Lieut. W.(G.) MITCHELL of HMS Esk mortally wounded while in command of HM gunboat Avon in the Waipa River, New Zealand on 3rd February 1864.

SGS 114 - (see P05 above)

SGS 115 - JAS DICK weaver in Fedriefadis (Ferniefaulds?) died 20th October 1725 aged 52, his wife JEAN LIDDEL, son ALEX tenant (Lucky)Slap 28th February 1746 aged 50

SGS 116 - (see O06 above)

SGS 117 - (see O06 above)

Not recorded by SGS, '118' (see K04 above)

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