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Sending Email to the Monikie, Scotland Website.

This page gives the reasons for the decision of the administrator of this site to adopt a rather unusual method of providing email details.  Some readers may disapprove of this system, as it inevitably takes a couple of seconds longer to compose an email message.  Regular correspondents may choose to put the address in their email software "address book".

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I've been using the Internet for over 14 years and put the email address for my previous business site (with another ISP) - in the "MAILTO:" style, which appeared on most webpages.  As the years went on it was obvious that certain people were "trawling" the 'Net looking just for ANY email address to add to lists which they would sell.  Like me, you probably do not like to have to sift through lots of "junk" email before you get to the "real" messages. Now that I have changed email address and ISP I decided that I was going to try to stop all this "SPAM" (as you probably know such "junk" mail is called) by trying out a new system. The principle of making email addresses less 'obvious' on some websites is one that seems to be on the increase - how often have you searched several pages on a big company site trying to find an illusive email address - so other folk are trying to prevent SPAM too.  (TIP:- Try looking at their HTML coding!)

You will have seen on some webpages that extra spaces have been introduced into the email addresses shown.  This method, I hope, will prevent the "email trawlers" finding it, as it is hopefully not in a "machine readable" format. Your browser and email software programs, are, like mine, probably set-up to show a different text colour for links of WEBSITE and EMAIL addresses because the software recognises the format, viz. or  (Don't try these links - they're false ! ! ! )

Because of the varied nature of the pages on this site it would be particularly helpful if all messages, including submissions for the Church magazine, arrive here with the subject line clearly giving a full reference to the individual, business or organisation represented by a page/pages on this site. If the message does not directly relate to the site but is of a general or personal nature please also put an entry in the subject line.

I DO enjoy reading genuine messages, including those from persons and businesses which I have given my address to.  Hopefully, email correspondents are not too inconvenienced by this procedure.

If you REALLY want to read MUCH more about the subject in much greater detail please visit - where you can do so.  There, you will also find a program which you can download and which creates thousands upon thousands of bogus email addresses.  One can place these on YOUR website (if you have the space - and the inclination!). This is one way of getting back at "spammers" and makes the lists they collate and SELL virtually worthless.  You can also read how to REPORT SPAMMING and try to stop the perpetrators.  Remember to report SPAMMERS to YOUR I.S.P. (if you can find the email address!)

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To help stop SPAM into YOUR MAILBOX try MailWasher for free!


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This page was updated - 09 December, 2014