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Old Burial Ground at Broughty Ferry, Dundee, Scotland

Most of the content of this page, the linked photographs and other material was originally published in very limited edition book form by Gill Martin of Stonehaven in the furtherance of family history studies.  Copies of the book can be viewed at Broughty Ferry Library; Wellgate Library Local History Unit; and at Dundee City Archives, Shore Terrace, all Dundee. The original book formatting has been abandoned to produce this webpage and most of the photographs and other documents are viewed by links. The webmaster has edited the content (including some of the photographs) to a limited extent for the convenience of web readers, sometimes adding punctuation not seen on the original inscription.  In the case of verse, the use of " / " signifies a new line. The Webmaster is indebted to the book author and photographer for the use of this material.
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Private entry can be arranged by contacting Dundee City Council, cemeteries division.

This webpage was last updated on 09 December, 2014
If you last visited before that date you are advised to check for updates to the text and the inscriptions.

Old Burial Ground at Broughty Ferry, Dundee, Scotland Old Burial Ground at Broughty Ferry, Dundee, Scotland Old Burial Ground at Broughty Ferry, Dundee, Scotland
Entrance Gate looking North West Entrance Gate looking South over River Tay

Plan of Burial Ground

Index to names

Name        Lair reference
Abott/Abbott   12;33;53;73
Allan          40
Anderson       14;23;38; 54;60;75;79;81;89
Archibald      f
Bowman         78
Brown          44
Brymer         49
Caithness      7;20;19+b
Campbell       70
Cant           24;25;78
Cappon         47
Carnegie       8
Christie       34
Clark          19+b
Croft          54
Denoon         43
Doig           60
Donaldson      14;17
Dove           47
Dow            74
Drummond       56
Duncan         49
Edgar           h
Enlay (Finlay?) 7
Name       Lair reference
Ferrier          56;57
Fox              12
Fraser           28
Fyfe             16;17
Gall             39;52;58
Gibbs            61
Henry            20;44
Hials            84
Hill             11
Horn             81
Isles            26
Key              78
Kid/Kidd       32;46+d/e; 67;69;76;87
Knight           4;32;80
Lanceman         15;72
Leitch           29
Leith            70
Leslie           29
Liddell          87;88
Lorimer          50;51;61
Lowden           14
Lyell            19+b
Name       Lair reference
Martin         12;29
McKinney       6
Methven        7
Mill           46+d/e
Norie/ Norrie  3;39;45; 50;55+g;62;f
Pattullo       24;82
Ritchie        42
Ross           33;52;68; 69;75
Scobie         74
Scott          25;82
Slater         89
Smith          18;33;41
Spence         26
Stirling       h
Stephen        34;41
Stewart        34
Storrock       72
Thomson        27
Watson         68
Webster        16;46+d/e; 47;57;66;73;76;85;87
Wemes (Wemyss?)18
Will           84
Young          30

Aerial View from Google Earth

Gravestones at the Old Burying Ground, Broughty Ferry, Dundee.


While carrying out some family history research I found that one ancestor had been buried at the Old Burying Ground in Broughty Ferry. I had never come across the Old Burying Ground and didnt know where it was. I asked my mother-in-law, and although she had been brought up in the Ferry, she also did not know where it was. A bit of research at the library there gave me an approximate location, so off I went to look. It wasnt easy to find, hidden as it is behind high walls and surrounded by flats and houses, but I eventually found it, and peered through the locked gates at a little gem.

Further research made me realise that there must have been lots of ancestors buried there over the years, and I tried to find out if it had been catalogued. At first it didnt appear to have been, which is when we decided we would do it. We did eventually find a brief summary of the graves carried out by Sidney Cranmer in 1953. This proved very helpful to us later on, but we felt that this did not do the place justice. So here is our survey of the place.

I did some preliminary research and found a booklet which suggested that the graveyard had been much larger at one time, however we could not find any evidence to substantiate this. However, there had been a chapel attached to the graveyard, which has now been demolished and replaced by flats, so this may be what was intended. The perimeter wall is substantial and appears to have been there a very long time. The only breaks are where the flats have been built and the entrance gates. Although the eastern most section of the north wall has a slightly different coping, this may have been a repair as the body of the wall appears to be of the same construction as the rest.

The graveyard is accessed from a small alley leading off Fisher Street, Broughty Ferry.  Fisher Street is the shore roadway which runs along the north bank of the River Tay, between Church Street and Dundas Street.

The stones are numbered from left to right, starting at the south west corner of the graveyard - that is the far left corner as you go in the gate. Text in red is where Sidney Cranmer’s leaflet shows more text was available / legible to him. However, we should note that there are places where it does not mention stones or text that were plainly legible to us, and he does not mention stones which were broken or exfoliated. We were fortunate that we did our survey on a beautiful sunny Easter weekend. The sun made things clear that might not have been so obvious on  a cloudy day.

The ground is well secured and access is by advance arrangement only - contact Dundee City Council.

[Acknowledgement. Sidney Cranmer’s leaflet is called ‘Old Burying Ground, Broughty Ferry, Scotland’, dated 25 August 1953. There is a copy in the Wellgate Library, Dundee.]

The inscriptions -

1. Click for photograph [Wall mounted - completely exfoliated]

2. Click for Click for photograph [Completely exfoliated]

3. Click for Click for photograph [Front] Erected by David Norrie Shipmaster in __.
 Click for Click for photograph [Reverse] My living friend come view the place / Where you must shortly lie / I once was young and healthy too / But summoned was to die. / My friend this clay must be your bed / In spite of all your aim / The poor, the rich the hoary head / Must lie as low as mine. (missing text added)

4. Click for photograph 1812 Erected By David and Katherine Knight In memory of John Knight in West Ferry _______ May 27th., aged 43 years _____ham Bla_____ 77 years. (missing text added)

5. Click for photograph [Completely exfoliated]

6. Click for photograph 1859 Erected By James  McKinney In memory of his son Robert who died 18th Jan. 1859 aged 15 months

7. Click for photograph 1828 Erected By John Methven and Margaret Caithness His spouse, in memory of their children Viz. Rachel Ogilvie, who died 19 March 1821,  aged 4 years and 7 months And Rachel, who died 22 Sept 1823, aged 3 months Also Isobel Caithness Sister to Margaret Methven, died 27th Jan 1836, aged 42 And their mother, Isobel Enlay, August 1827, aged ____

8. Click for photograph 1859 J Carnegie

9. Click for photograph [Completely exfoliated]

10. Click for photograph [Completely exfoliated and broken]

11. Click for photograph [Broken] J. Hill

12. Click for photograph 1860 Erected by Alexander and Elizabeth Martin In memory of their sisters Helen and Jean Also Alexander M Fox grand child of the above Alexander Martin Who died 10th Nov. 1860 Aged 2 years Also Thomas Abott  Husband of the above Elizabeth Martin Who died 25 Jan 1861 Aged 82

13. Click for photograph [Completely exfoliated]

14. Click for photograph 1835 Erected By Elspeth and Agnes Donaldson In memory of their father Andrew Donaldson Who died 15th May 1820 Aged 85 years and of their mother Margaret Anderson Who died 22nd Oct. 1833 Aged 87. Also of their niece Agnes Lowden Who died 12th Dec. 1821 Aged 15 years.

15. Click for photograph [Front - half exfoliated] I837 Revised by Elizabeth Lanceman And all their relations of that name [ME  MEN  MORT - beneath are a skull, crossed bones and an hourglass]
Click for photograph [Reverse] died ______52 years ______ [remainder exfoliated]

16. Click for photograph [partially exfoliated] 1837 Erected by David Webster Shipmaster, Broughty Ferry In memory of his mother Margaret Fyfe 24th June 1834 Aged 72 years And his father David Webster,  shipowner, who died 3rd March 1837, aged 76 years

17. Click for photograph 1835 Erected By Charles Donaldson and Graham Fyfe his spouse In memory of her father John Fyfe Who died the 5th Feb. 1834, aged 69 years and of their sons Charles and James who died in infancy.

18. Click for photograph [Crown on top] 1712 TM IW  Thomas Smith, husband to Isobel Welles, who dwelt in the Ferrie and departed the ____ day of Ianuary 1712 and of his age 28. (missing text added)

19. Click for photograph [Base only on site, top broken off and now leaning again the south wall in location 'b' , behind bushes]
Click for photograph [Front] Erected by George Caithness, shipmaster, In memory of his father George Caithness Shipmaster, North Ferry Who died 19th February 1801, aged 71 years And his mother, Agnes Lyell, Who departed this life, 11th March 1801, aged 67 years.
[Reverse] They were a couple, good, without pretense / Blessed with plain reason and with sober sense / Pride to them unknown while they drew breath / Lovely in their lives, undivided in their death.
George Caithness Died July 19th 1842, aged 74 years Also his wife Isabella Clark Died March 3rd 1852, aged 76

20. Click for photograph [Very weathered] 1809 Erected By Janet Henry In memory of her husband James Caithness, shipmaster, 11 August 1808, aged 27 And their children George, 26th August 1828, aged 24 Isabella, 1851, aged 45 And the said Janet Henry, 22nd October 1860,  in the 90th year of her life

21. Click for photograph [Only one letter still visible]  "H"

22. Click for photograph [Broken off]

23. Click for photograph 1830 D Anderson {or Henderson}, aged 61 years

24. Click for photograph 1856 Erected by Andrew Cant, Seaman, in memory of his wife Elizabeth Pattullo who died 1st December 1855 aged 23 years.

25. Click for photograph 1844 Erected by William Cant And Agnes Scott, his spouse, in memory of their son, Robert, who died 26 Aug 1826 aged 10 years And Margreat who died 25 Nov 1826  aged 12 years Also Euphemia who died Feb 27 1832 Aged 1 year

26. Click for photograph [Front] Erected by Andrew Spence, builder and Margery Isles, his spouse in memory of their children viz. Patrick, who died 17 May 1816, aged 4 years and Charles, who died 2nd June 1816, aged 2 years also Charles, who died February 1823, aged 5 months and Agnes, who died 28th April 1832, aged 15 years
Click for photograph [Reverse] SACRED  Suffer little children to come unto me /  and forbid them not, / for such is the kingdom of heaven

27. Click for photograph 1844 W Thomson

28. Click for photograph 1825 Erected by Hugh Fraser in memory of his mother who died 18th May 1825 aged 80 years

29. Click for photograph [Front] 1821 Erected by David Martin, Resident in West Ferry and Helen Leslie, his spouse in memory of their deceased children viz. Helen, who died 15th Feb 1820, aged 16 months James, who died 1st June 1820, aged 5 years+7 months, Elizabeth, who died Dec 31st 1820, aged 3 years+7 months, Jemima, who died 28th Oct. 1825, aged 1 year+1month, James, who died 5th Jan 1827, aged 4 years, John Stuart, who died 22nd May 1831, aged 4 years+11months.  Helen Leslie, Spouse of David Martin died 9th Nov. 1847, aged 60 years, Alexander Leitch, died at sea 1852
Click for photograph [Reverse] Our times of sorrow and of joy / Great God, are in thy hand. / Our choicest comforts come from thee / And go at thy command. / If thou shouldst take them all away / Yet would we not repine / Before they were possessed by us / They were entirely thine.
“And I heard a voice from heaven saying / unto me, write, blessed are the dead which / die in the Lord from henceforth: yea / saith the spirit, that they may rest / from their labours, and their works / do follow them.” (Rev. xiv.13)

30. Click for photograph [Very badly weathered - flat]  .  .  .   Young, in memory of his parents, David Young, November 1780 And his spouse ______ Webster Oct 23, 17__ And their children _______ / _______ died March, / _______ Charles Young

31. Click for photograph 1826 DKID [Completely exfoliated] (missing text added)       

32. Click for photograph 1828 Erected by George Knight in memory of his spouse Jean Kidd who died 6th March 1813 aged 50 years

33. Click for photograph 1793 Erected by Alexander Ross shipmaster in Dundee in memory of Barbra Abbot spouse to Thos Smith who died Oct 3rd 1792 aged 64 years also Robert Abbot, who died 17th Sept. 1813, aged 93 years

34. Click for photograph 1837 Erected By William Stewart, smith In memory of Elizabeth Christie His spouse, who died Dec 1834. Also by Isabella Stephen In memory of her husband William Stewart, Late shipmaster, Dundee Who died 31st Dec 1835 Aged 38 years Also 4 of their children

35. Click for photograph [Base only remaining]

36. Click for photograph [Very badly corroded] 1812 Erected by _______  Da ____  

37. Click for photograph 1837  

38. Click for photograph 1826 Robert Anderson

39. Click for photograph MDCCCXLI (1841) Erected by Ann Norrie in memory of her husband John Gall who died 10th March 1839 aged 37 years [rest exfoliated]

40. Click for photograph 1836 Jean Allan

41. Click for photograph 1843 Erected by Isabella Smith in memory of her father in law David Stephen who died the 29th October 1829 aged 74 years and of her husband Thomas Stephen shipmaster, who was lost at sea in October 1836 on his passage from Stettin (Germany, now Poland) to London aged 33 years also her daughter Isabella S Stephen who died the 5th January 1841 aged 6 years the above Isabella Smith died 8th March 1850, aged 44 years

42. Click for photograph 1836 John Ritchie in memory of his wife and 8 children

43. Click for photograph 1826 Erected By Allan Denoon In memory of his mother 27th December 1825, aged 49

44. Click for photograph [Front] 1831 Revised By Isobel + Janet Brown in memory of their father Lawrence Brown who died 12th March 1809 aged 64 years and of their mother Elizabeth Henry who died 1st May 1829 aged 71 years also of their sister Margaret who died 15th July 1800 aged 2 years
Click for photograph [Reverse] The child of youth / The man of years / Here undistinguished lie / We plainly see by heaven’s decree / That every age must die  

45. Click for photograph [Front] 1836 Sacred to the memory of James Norrie late shipmaster who died 28th June 1836 in the 84th year of his life and of his sons John, who died at sea 14th Sept 1795, aged 12 years. also John, who died 13th March 1812, aged 15 years and James, who died 5th May 1839, aged 46 years also his daughter, Margaret, who died 28th July 1841, aged 40 years
Click for photograph [Reverse] The hory head is a crown of glory / If it be found _______ / In the way of righteousness / Blessed are the dead / Which die in the Lord.  

46. Click for photograph [Completely exfoliated - broken-off top is stone d/e behind bushes on south wall]

46a. Click for photograph [Broken - some writing at the bottom but illegible - weathered]

47. Click for photograph [lying down - the large area of granite at the bottom of the photo is the triangular pediment which belongs on the top of the stone.] In loving memory of James Cappon Who died 28th April 1843, aged 74 And of Margaret Webster, his wife, Who died 5th Feb 1877, aged 84 And of their sons George, John, David and Graham And their daughters, Rachel and Mary, All of who died in early life. Erected by their daughter Jane, Widow of the late Alexander Dove, Merchant, Melbourne, Australia, who died at Footscray, 25th Dec 1879, aged 60.

Footscray Historical Society kindly supplied the following:-

From: Lack, John, 'A History of Footscray' - Hargreen Publishing, 1991, p.61.

"COUNCIL met in July 1859 and elected Captain Alexander Dove as Chairman, despite the fact that Harrison and Powell stood ahead of Dove in the poll. .. Alexander Dove was a 40-year-old retired Scottish sea captain turned landlubber after a career in the trade to America and Russia. He had captained an emigrant ship to the United States at the age of 21, surviving an outbreak of fever which decimated his officers and passengers. In 1846 he superintended the construction of the full-rigged sailing ship Sacramento for the Australian run, and sailed her to Adelaide and Melbourne, where he decided to settle. Taking the Sacramento back to London, Dove purchased a schooner, the Little Margaret, and filled it with merchandise to set himself up in partnership as a ships' chandler. Dove's Melbourne interests included a dry dock and the building of steam tugs. Some time in the 1850s he and his wife established themselves at Upper Footscray, near the corner of Essex Street and Summerhill Road."

48. Click for photograph [Large base only with mortise]

49. Click for photograph [Fallen over but still intact] Erected by Mary Duncan in memory of her husband Alexander Brymer china merchant, Dundee who died 15th Aug 1862 aged 45 also 4 of their children who died in infancy.

50. Click for photograph 1865 Erected by Thomas and Mary Lorimer in memory of their father Robert Lorimer who died 18th August 1825 aged 37 years and Mary Norrie who died 10th March 1848 aged 55 years also Thomas Lorimer Junr who died 12th December 1862 aged 22 years

51. Click for photograph 1836 Erected By James Lorimer in memory of his son Robert who died in infancy

52. Click for photograph 1832 Erected By Alexander Ross In memory of his spouse Catherine Gall Who departed this life 21st May 1830, aged 58 years And of his son, Thomas Who died 29th July 1805, aged 2 years Also his daughter, Isobel, Who died 7th August 1803, aged 1 year, Margaret Who died 16th March 1808, aged 2 years

53. Click for photograph [Table stone, with two winged cherubim, hourglass, skull and two crossed bones. Lichen growing on stone - did not wish to disturb. Round the edge is inscribed:- ] Thomas Abbot, shipmaster, North Ferry of Dundee Who died on the 20th November 1734, aged 40, and his son, Robert

54. Click for photograph 1828 Erected By George Anderson, farmer at Barnhill in memory of Alexander Croft who was 36 years his foreman A good, faithful and honest servant. Died the 9th and lies interred here the 11th May 1828, aged 74 years and left his relations upwards Of 400 sterling at his death.

55. Click for photograph [Top broken off and lying beside the workman’s bothy, see stone 'g']

56. Click for photograph [On top, compass and upside down anchor] 1797 Erected By Jean Drummond In memory of her husband Robert Ferrier sometime shipmaster in Dundee who was born 12th July 1744 and died on the 11th of July 1797, being aged 53 years.

57. Click for photograph 1844 Erected By Thomas Ferrier Shipmaster, Broughty Ferry In memory of his father, David Ferrier, Who died 7th June 1829, aged 77 years Also his mother, Jannet Webster Who died 18th November, 1828, aged 75 years

58. Click for photograph 1840 Erected by William Gall Broughty Ferry In memory of his deceased children Jean, Mary, Ann and William Who all died in infancy [other text exfoliated]

59. Click for photograph [Badly exfoliated] John _______ April 18_______  

60. Click for photograph 1845 Erected By Janet Anderson In memory of her father David Anderson Late shoemaster, Broughty Ferry Who died 26th April 1843 Aged 86 years Also of her mother Janet Doig Who died 1st June 1826, aged 63 years.

61. Click for photograph 1831 Erected By Philip Gibbs, Dundee In Memory of his spouse Jean Hamilton Lorimer Who died 17th August, 1831 Aged 25 years

62. Click for photograph Alexander Norie Who died 19th August 1813 Aged 55 years

63. Click for photograph [Small marker - possibly broken]

64. Click for photograph [Small marker - possibly broken]

65. Click for photograph [Small marker - possibly broken]

66. Click for photograph 1848 Erected by James Webster late shipmaster, Broughty Ferry and Graham Webster, his spouse in memory of their daughter, Margaret Who died 4th November 1820, aged 5 years. also Graham Webster, who died 18th December 1847, aged 19 years, Also of their sons viz. David, who died in London, 21st September 1849, aged 38 years. John, who died at Rio Janeiro, 8th April 1850, aged 35 years. The above named James Webster, died 27th May 1851, Aged 63 years.  
[On base] In the ________

67. Click for photograph [Pillar Stone - badly exfoliated on the east side] Erected In memory of John Kidd, late shipmaster in Dundee, who died the 15th April, 1801 aged 61 years
cura pii diis sunt [ed. the pious are cared for by the gods - Latin text] / This life he steered by land and sea / With honesty and skill / And calmly suffer'd blast and storm / unconscious of all ill / This voyage is finished, he’s unrigged / And laid in dry dock, urn / Preparing for the grand fleet trip / And the Commodore's return.
(missing text added)

68. Click for photograph [Table stone, with two cherubim, a ship in full sail aided by two figures blowing favourable winds, a compass and upside down anchor, at top] Erected by Thomas Ross, shipmaster, in memory of his spouse, Marjory Watson, who died 16th November 1782, aged 81 years, and in memory of their children, Robert and William who died in infancy; Thomas and Robert died at sea. Isobel and Margaret survived, 4th February 1785. And Thomas Ross ________________
are the dead which die in the Lord / from henceforth: yea saith the spirit, / that they may rest from their labours, / and their works do follow them. [at bottom is a scroll with ‘remember death’ written on it and an hourglass, a skeleton and crossed bones]

69. Click for photograph [Front]1785 Erected by John Kidd, shipmaster in North Ferry, and Margaret Ross, his spouse in memory of their daughter Ann Kidd who died Sept the 26th 1782, aged 1 month and 3 days.
Click for photograph [Reverse] Jesus said unto them, “Suffer / little children to come unto me / and forbid them not, for such / is the kingdom of God.”

70. Click for photograph 1829 Erected by David Leith in memory of his mother Catherine Campbell who departed this life 19th January 1829 aged 66 years.

71. Click for photograph [Very badly weathered]

72. Click for photograph 1836 Erected by Thomas and Lanceman Storrock in memory of their son Thomas, who died on May 24th, 1831, aged 18 years and Lanceman, who was lost at sea on the 11th November 1836, aged 14 years.

73. Click for photograph Table stone with compass, ship and upside down anchor at top] This stone was erected by James Webster, shipmaster, North Ferry, in memory of his wife Margaret Abbot who died 19th July 1706, aged 27 years.
Life  Justice  Eternity
_____ [at bottom of stone in a scroll with writing which might be legible using a rubbing, an hourglass, a skull and crossed bones]  

74. Click for photograph Erected 1826 by John Scobie merchant in Broughty Ferry in memory of his spouse Margaret Dow who departed this life 12th February 1826 aged 75 years

75. Click for photograph 1837 Erected by Jean Anderson Broughty Ferry in memory of her husband John Ross who died 2nd November 1825 aged 49 years Also Of her son Alexander Ross Who died 25th July 1851 Aged 29 years  

76. Click for photograph [Front] Erected by Robert Kid Shipmaster of North Ferry (in) Memory of Margaret Webster His late spouse who died 20th December 1784, aged 68 And his son, Robert, 7th June 1763 at 11. Survived 1785, Isobel, Margret, Thomas and William Kid
Click for photograph [Reverse, is very ornate with ship and drapery. At bottom is the text -] Now she for whom this stone is laid was in virtue ever steady / When asked the reason for her hope Had ay the answer ready. Tho' silent and forgotten here, She smoulders with the clod. The day will dawn, a voice she'll hear, say, Come and meet your God. (missing text added)  

77. Click for photograph [Table stone with two cherubim and a ship at the top and an hourglass, skull, crossbones at bottom. It is almost completely covered with lichen.] Erected _______  Shipmaster ______

78. Click for photograph 1823 Erected by Margaret Bowman In memory of her husband Alexander Cant who died 31st January 1822 aged 37 years also her father John Bowman Who died at Aberdeen, aged 72 years. Also _____ 78 years Margaret Bowman Key Died 19th March 1835

79. Click for photograph 1812 Erected by Alex Anderson Late shipmaster Broughty Ferry In memory of his spouse, Isobel, Who died 12th November 1812, aged 65 And two of their children  

80. Click for photograph [Very badly weathered] NIGHT / SEAT / IGHT / 1830  /  S

81. Click for photograph 1838 Erected by David Horn in memory of his sister Janet, who died August 26th 1820, aged 8 years. also of his father William Horn who died 5th February 1827, aged 38 years also Margaret Anderson his mother, who died, 16th June 1847, aged 67 years

82. Click for photograph Erected 1830 by John Pattullo, Broughty Ferry and Margaret Scott, his spouse in memory of their daughter Ann Craig Pattullo who departed this life 23rd September 1829, aged 18 months

83. Click for photograph [Completely exfoliated]

84. Click for photograph 1838 Erected by John Will and Ann Hials his spouse, in memory of their son William, who died in infancy, November 25th 1822 also David, who January 16th 1836, aged 10 years

85. Click for photograph [Badly exfoliated]  Webster

86. Click for photograph 16 [Cherubim head] 8_ / 9 IB IL

87. Click for photograph [Table stone]  Thomas Liddell, one time shipmaster of Brotty, 1768, aged 56.  Revised by John Kidd, shipmaster, 1824, in memory of his wife, Margaret Liddell, daughter of the above Thomas Liddell,  who died 6th November 1823, aged 69.

88. Click for photograph [Front] Erected by David Liddell, Shipmaster, North Ferry in memory of Janet Webster, his spouse who died, 23rd Febr.y 1801, aged 70 years
Click for photograph [Reverse] Justice and truth ever from youth / Adorn’d her deportment / Never revenging, nor exchanging / Evil, for evil treatment. / Tender dealing without failing / Was ever her aim, / Even to those who were her foes, / Beneficent and plain. / She had to give, while she did live / The sample of a mind / Ever rejecting, but never respecting / Resentment of any kind.

89. Click for photograph [Front] 1826 Erected by George Anderson in memory of his sister Isabella Anderson Who died 26th December 1821 Aged 25 years Also Of his mother Helen Slater 2nd October 1829 Aged 74 years
Click for photograph [Reverse] By the surviving family Of George Anderson In memory of their sister Christina Who died 13th April 18 __, aged 7 years Also their father Who died 30th December 1864 Aged 69 years

The following stones have become removed from their original place for various reasons. We were able to work out the correct place for three stones [ b- detached from base 19; d/e. detached from base 46; and g detached from base 55, thanks to Sidney Cranmer’s leaflet. However the other stones must have been already detached when he looked at the graveyard in 1953 as he does not mention them. Some were not easy to get at, as you might notice from the Click for photographs. They had been put ‘safely’ behind some bushes!! To work out what was written on them involved crawling through the undergrowth.

a. Click for photograph [Lying on its side against south wall, completely exfoliated]

b. Click for photograph [See stone number 19]

c. Click for photograph [Leaning against south wall, behind a bush]  Who was ____ Ferry

d/e. Click for photograph [Goes with base 46. We originally thought this was two stones, but it turned out to be the same stone sheared in two lengthwise. It is leaning against the south wall behind bushes]
1837 Erected by Thomas Mill in memory of David Kid who died Oct 30th 1825 aged 75 years and his spouse Catherine Webster who died Jan 25th 1829, aged 78 years

f. Click for photograph 1833 Erected by James Archibald Shipmaster, Broughty Ferry and Margaret Norrie His spouse, in memory of their Son, Alexander, who died December 22nd 1832, aged 16 months Also James, who died July 16th 1838, aged 16 years James, their fourth son Died 6th April 1848 Aged 9 years The above James Archibald Died 2nd August 1867 Aged 67 years

g. Click for photograph [Goes with base 55 - on ground, at the side of the workman‘s bothy. The base lying on top of it does not belong to the stone.]  1859 Erected by Charles Norrie In memory of his son Charles, Who died 27th June 1859,  aged 21 years

h. Click for photograph [lying on its side against the workman’s bothy]  Erected by Alexander Stirling In memory of his wife Helen Edgar Who died 4th Jan. 1848, aged 34 years Also his infant son Also his daughter, Ann, who died 17th March 1844, aged 5 years Also his sons, Charles and William, who died abroad Also the said, Alexander Stirling, who died 23rd November 1881 (sic - 1882, see below), Interred in Barnhill Cemetery.  

On 1841 Census for Barnhill Village, Monifieth District, aged 30, Handloom Weaver, with wife, child and another.
On 1871 Census for Ash Road (near Camphill Road, B/F), Monifieth (District) aged 65, a gardener born Glamis c.1806.
On 1881 Census at O.M.R. Barnhill Terrace, Monifieth (District), as a gardener, place of birth was Glamis; his wife as ANNE LYALL of St.Andrews, Fife, his second wife.
Appears in the Dundee Directory for 1871/72 as a Market Gardener at Barnhill Links.
Died at Barnhill Feus, Broughty Ferry, aged 80 years in 1882 NOT 1881 as shown on gravestone. Described as a jobbing gardener.
Death registered Monifieth District (then included part of Broughty Ferry) 1882/96, informant was WILLIAM DAVIDSON his son-in-law.
Interred at Barnhill Cemetery according to memorial inscription on family gravestone (where his first wife is interred) in Old Broughty Ferry Cemetery (near shore).
On ALEXANDER's death certificate the informant has given his mother KATHERINE MAXWELL the name HELEN.

After all our research, we never did find the grave of Ron's 3xgreat grandmother, Helen Lawrence, nee Duncan. Perhaps she never had  a stone, or it is one of those which are broken or badly exfoliated. However, we found several stones in memory of other ancestors. Stone 19 commemorates Ron's 6xgreat grandparents, George and Agnes Caithness: Stone 20 his 5xgreat grandparents, James and Jean Caithness: Stone 50, his 5xgreat grandparents, Robert and Mary Lorimer and Stone 78 erected by his 4xgreat grandmother and commemorating his 4xgreat grandfather and mentioning his 5xgreat grandfather. I'm sure many of the other people commemorated here are related in some way too, as the Ferry was a small community, and some names keep cropping up in his family tree as are on the stones, viz. - Lorimer, Ferrier, Knight, Gall and Cant.

The graveyard closed in the 1860’s because of an outbreak of cholera. Three of Ron's ancestors died within a week, Alexia [Martha] Lawrence, on 28-NOV-1866, aged 37; her 2 year-old daughter, Elizabeth, 26-NOV-1866; and her sister-in-law, Graham Knight, 22-NOV-1866, aged 37. They were probably buried in this graveyard too. What happened to their markers - if they ever had any? After this outbreak of cholera, burials  were supposed to take place at St.Aiden’s until the opening of Barnhill in the early 1870’s.



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